Why Domain Metrics Suck & Kill Your Potential To Rank Faster!

Patrick Babakhanian here from SERPchampion.com, and in this video, I’m going to talk about Domain Metrics Suck, part two.

This was a year ago, I dropped the video, got a ton of responses, got a ton of traffic. People were wondering what the hell is happening? I’m looking at DA; I’m looking at Trust Flow.

But you’re saying it’s not right. You shouldn’t look at these metrics, and I still stand by these statements, and this time, I’m going to show you how this is all wrong, what we’re doing because we’re making decisions based on metrics.

And I’m even guilty for it because since I’m an SEO reseller, I have to sell my services based on metrics like DA, domain authority, like Trust Flow, like Domain Rating. There are so many different metrics that people base their decisions on, and I keep saying you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s the thing; it’s impossible to base your decisions on metrics.

If you’re looking at a domain name, for example, and it looks great, but it’s a domain authority 21, and you’re like, it’s low.

I want it to be the DA 30 or DA 40. But what if the tool tells you it’s DA 21, but in fact, it’s a DA 40? Well, you’ll be surprised because this shit happens all the time.

And I’m going to show you when we switch over to my screen what I’m talking about because once you watch this video and once you realize what I’m talking about, you’re going to change your whole vision.

You’re going to change your whole thought process when it comes to building links, finding new domain names. And you’re going to say, Patrick, you’re a prophet.

I want to show you what I’m talking about when it comes to domain metrics and why you shouldn’t rely on metrics like DA, like Trust Flow, like DR. 

No, I’m not bashing these tools and these metrics because in some way they are helpful because they give you a slight indication of how quality your site is, but it’s not everything.

One of the examples I wanted to show you was this domain. It’s just an example domain, and Ahrefs is telling me it has 592 links and 25 referring domains, and they calculated all of the backlinks and the quality and the metrics of these backlinks.

And they came up with DR 14 and UR 7.

Let’s switch over to Majestic SEO, where a lot of people use a metric called Trust Flow. The Trust Flow is six, but what we see here is we see a different backlinks count and a different referring domains, so it’s already not matching up with Ahrefs.

Because Ahrefs is telling me it has 592 and 25 referring domains. There is a difference in both sites, in both crawlers, I mean.

And then we got Moz, which is very crazy because I know a lot of people rely on DA and a lot of people buy stuff like links and domains based on DA, and I’m forced to show that to my clients, that’s the DA.

But I always tell them, listen, this isn’t the accurate DA. Why? Because Moz is only counting 319 backlinks as opposed to the 592, as opposed to the fresh and historical index of Majestic SEO.

So how can you say that this domain is a DA 16 if you don’t even have all of the backlinks? Do you see what I’m talking about? 

This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to choosing links, choosing domains based on metrics.

Because tools don’t have all of the links and because they don’t have all of the links, they are unable to give you the most accurate metric that domain or site represents.

Think about it. This is a DA 16, but we just found out this domain has a lot more links and potentially a lot more quality links. So, in reality, instead of a DA 16, it could go up to DA 25 or DA 30.

So what changes in your mind? You’re like, DA 30, DA 25. That’s a pretty good domain, but because Moz says it’s a DA 16, you’re more reluctant into using that or getting a link from a site that’s a DEA 16.

That already affects your decision making, which is why you should never rely on just one tool. This is what I wanted to show you. This is just also one example, and even if you’re checking your portfolio, you’re going to see the difference between tools.

And there you have it, a demonstration of domain metrics are bullshit. What do you think about these findings? What do you think about everything I showed you on my screen?

Because this is very important, and we have to spark up a conversation about this and make sure we’re not messing up our link building based on misleading scores, misleading metrics that are based on fewer backlinks and not the whole picture, not everything your site has pointed to them.

In other words, tools are not able to find all of the links. And if they can’t find all of the links, then how can you make a calculation and give the site a certain metric like DA?

It’s a big one because Moz doesn’t get all of the backlinks in their database. I just showed you that, and there’s a huge gap, a huge difference. That’s not going to work.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment below this video or send me an email. Give me your feedback, give me your concerns, and then we’ll go from there.

I want to spark up this conversation, I want to stare up, I want to know what the hell is going on, and I’m sure you do too. Stay tuned for next time when I drop a new video.

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