Natural Social Linkbuilding Solution
For Affiliate & Local SEO.


Build a natural link profile by getting links from DA99+ social properties.


Increase your social presence with IFTTT content syndication.


Gain Google's trust by being present on the biggest social platforms.


Rocket Up the SERP Rankings by Getting Links from Social Properties You Own, and Making the Search Engines Favor Your Site.


Avoid Google Penalties, Blacklisting, and Deindexing by Building Up a Natural Link Profile That Presents Your Site as A True Authority.

Promote Your Money Site on Up To 100 Social Platforms for More Exposure, Targeted Traffic, and Brand Recognition in Your Niche.

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SERPchampion Social SEO Service

Great Team and The Service is Consistent

“I’ve used SERPchamp’s IFTTT service on several of my products and they have all shown positive results.

They have a great team and the service is consistent. Will continue to use and highly recommend.”

Seth T.

I Love Each Service They Have as it Takes Away from My Job Duties

“Great work from SERPchampion’s team! Love each service they have as it takes away from my job duties and I can instead spend time with my family or sign more clients!

You are either doing boring stuff that makes you a little bit, or you spend your time and money wisely, get a fantastic team to do it, and you can use that time to do other more important duties! Great work!

Eddy B.

This was a really good deal for the price, saved me lots of time.

John H.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Money Site’s
Ranking Using the Latest Social Media
Marketing Tactics, and Web 2.0 Strategies

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The SERPchampion Web 2.0 Backlinking Service helps you to diversify your link profile.

Getting backlinks from web 2.0 platforms to your money site increases trust from search engines, and gives you room to build more targeted links which will push your money site up the rankings fast.

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We Start Building Your Web 2.0 Network Using Up-to-Date Strategies and Techniques.

By building a backlink network from relevant and high-quality social media sites, we’re able to provide your money site with one of the most effective SEO ranking factors.

Google and the other search engines LOVE social media, and by association, they also love sites that get links from social media platforms.

This is because search engines think that if your site is receiving traffic organically, it will also be present on social media.

By flipping that logic around, and providing your site with a presence on multiple social media platforms, the search engines will be compelled to give you a boost in the rankings, and help you get targeted organic traffic.

This positive feedback loop adds a new layer of trust and authority to your money site. You will then be able to freely build backlinks while syndicating your content across all your web 2.0 properties without fear of deindexing, and blacklining.

We Deliver Your Social Media Network Within 15 Business Days!

Here at SERPchampion, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. By providing you with a high-quality social media network to promote your money site on, and improve your trust with the search engines, you get more time to spend working on your business, and making money.

We also price our web 2.0 packages very affordably, and provide customization so that you get the most value out of our services.

And if you ever have any questions, concerns, or problems, our friendly customer service team is always happy to help.

Pricing: Tailored Packages to Fit Your Budget

  • Branded Web 2.0 Properties
  • High DA Backlinks
  • IFTTT Content Syndication
  • 100% Quality Spun Content
  • Stock Images & Banners
  • Link Report & Account Details
  • Turnaround Time
$60$2.4 per Web 2.0
  • 25
  • Optional
  • 7 Business Days
Most Popular
$120$2 per Web 2.0
  • 60
  • Optional
  • 10 Business Days
$200$2 per Web 2.0
  • 100
  • Optional
  • 14 Business Days

100% RISK-FREE 30 Day No-Risk Guarantee

Here at SERPchampion we do what it takes to protect your investment, and give you a risk-free, worry free experience.

Our Promise to You: If you’re not satisfied with our service during the first 30 days, we’ll give you a refund or replace your order with a new social SEO service.

Let’s Break The Features Down…

✓ Branded Social ProfilesIn today’s digital age, it’s just as important to have a social presence when you have a website that generates traffic. With this feature, your site and brand will be visible on the most popular social platforms.
✓ High Domain Authority BacklinksCreate trust and authority for your site by linking from DA95+ social sites.
✓ IFTTT Setup + Content SyndicationEvery post that is published on your website is syndicated to branded properties using a combination of RSS feeds and IFTTT.
✓ Stock Images & BannersWe will place royalty-free, high-quality images and banners on your social profiles.
✓ Natural Social SignalsNo need to fake social signals. Your network will generate genuine social likes, shares and more.
✓ Brand BuildingEnhance your brand by being present on popular social platforms. Increase your brand awareness by publishing blog posts on your website so your posts get syndicated through your network.
✓ Perfect for Building Link DiversityOur Social SEO service is meant for building brand links and maintaining link diversity to avoid any Google penguin penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use the Web 2.0 Network After I Receive It?

Start by adding a blog post to your money sites, and then have it syndicated to all your web 2.0 properties. Then build links to your web 2.0 properties from your PBNs, articles, press releases, and to create high-quality link juice to your money site for more ranking power, and more profit.

The network linking structure is very flexible as well. It allows you to use a multi-tier linking structure, giving you versatility, in addition to raw ranking power.

For example, you can set up your linking structure like this: Tier 4 Links -> Tier 3 Links -> Web 2.0s -> Money Site

The multi-tiering structure creates multiple levels of protection for your money site, but still allows the link juice to flow. This is the best way to shoot your money site up the rankings without the fear of deindexing or blacklisting.

If all of this is a bit too technical for you, we’re here to help. Just let us know what you need assistance with, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction so that you can dominate the SERPs with your money site, and rapidly grow your business.

Which Social Media Platforms Will My Network Consist Of?

G+ Profile
G+ Page
Page login (profile URL)
GDrive (long URL) (RSS syndication)
Livestreams Sites
Optional Sites

How Will the Web 2.0 Network Help My Business Make Money?

The web 2.0 social media network we create for you will syndicate your site’s content through all of the social profiles you have linked, giving it greater exposure, and a positive feedback linking structure.

Now whenever you publish a post on your blog, the social syndication will instantly post it to your web 2.0 properties sending high-quality backlinks to your site. This saves you a HUGE amount of time, while giving you a substantial amount of link juice.

The syndication will result in additional high-quality traffic, the building of natural backlinks, and increased social signals to assist in getting your site’s content validated, and trusted, by the top search engines.

An added bonus is that your web 2.0 social media network will create increased brand awareness, making your brand not only more relevant in the eyes of Google and other search engines, but also in the eyes of potential clients/customers.

What is Your Turnaround Time?

The turnaround time for this service is 15 business days. You will receive an email when we complete your order, letting you know that it’s ready.

How Can I Use the Network to its Maximum Benefit?

The best way to use your web 2.0 network is to post regularly to your main website/blog, and provide quality content that people will want to read. Remember, unique content is important because it keeps your assets from being suspended due to non-unique content issues.

We will do our best to help you grow your business, however, we cannot reinstate a suspended account. We have only had one account suspended in the last two years using this process over hundreds of sites, so the risk of that happening is practically nonexistent as long as you stick to unique original content.

What Should I Target with My Web 2.0 Network?

Ideally, you should have your web 2.0 network target your main blog or money site. This will build your authority online, and increase customer awareness of your brand.

You can then further enhance your syndication by creating tiered networks which link to your Web 2.0 assets like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. This multi-tiered approach will give you more ranking power, targeted traffic, and boost your revenue generation.

Are These New Accounts, or Expired High Page Authority Web 2.0 Accounts?

We create brand new accounts for you based on your niche, URL, and content topics. This allows us to build a niche specific web 2.0 social media network for you that brings you valuable targeted traffic, and builds brand awareness for your business.

This also provides you with increased ranking power for your money site, giving your more high-quality organic traffic.

Will I Own the Social Network?

Absolutely! You will be in full control of your web 2.0 network. We will send you a file with account login details, allowing you unlimited access, and the ability to change your account preferences, and passwords.

Order Now to Get Your Custom-Built Niche Specific Web 2.0 Network, and Take Your Business to New Levels of Profitability and Success

When it comes to executing an effective backlinking strategy, using the power of a web 2.0 social media network isn’t just an option, it’s a powerful asset that you can’t overlook.

Owning a multi-tiered web 2.0 network provides a variety of benefits that will help you grow your business, and increase your profitable revenue:

  • Increased Targeted Buyer-Ready Traffic
  • More Brand Awareness for Your Business
  • Protection from Deindexing, Blacklisting by Search Engines
  • More Trust, Authority, and Link Juice for Your Main Site

Click the Link Below, to check out our prices and plans, and let us start building your web 2.0 network today. The sooner get this powerful, long-lasting SEO asset, the sooner you’ll see your rankings, traffic, and profits increase like never before.

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