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Hey Guys, just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help over the past few months. I have been extremely impressed with your service, the domains are solid and the PBN’s look better than half of the real sites you see these days. If anyone is looking for a first class PBN setup service then look no further than Patrick and his team! Looking forward to continuing to work with you over the next few months.
Matthew Marley‎

Patrick and his team at SERPCHAMPION are insanely talented and produce excellent products at a great price point! If you’re looking for pbn’s or looking into having them set up, consider checking out SERPCHAMPION and all they have to offer! You won’t be disappointed!
Ryan Michael Ciran‎

Foreword: I’m not an affiliate (yet), but I believe in giving credit where it’s due.

I bought a handful of premium auction domains and PBN builds from Pat B at SERPchampion back in late 2016, with the aim of using them as really strong PBNs.

When I checked out the backlinks for these sites they seemed too good to be used as PBNs so I decided to repurpose one of them as a niche-related money site – and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I added about 15k words of content to the site Pat’s team built and submitted to Google. Within a week all my main money keywords were within the top 50. Two months and a handful of decent branded links later, I now have multiple page 1 rankings and the site has paid for itself. It’s still growing too. Sandbox.. What Sandbox?????!!!
Cheers mate, looking forward to the next batch!

‎Mark Walker‎

Hey Patrick & Rick just wanted to thank you guys for getting the link detox report to me so quick. Took what, a little less than 24 hours? Great stuff man and I loved how Rick does a personalized video going over the analysis. Great service you guys really appreciate it!
‎Andrew Manzano‎

I just wanted to personally thank you for doing such a great job on my PBN setups. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the end product? INSANE.

You really outdid yourself on all 7 of my sites. I cannot thank you enough. The back end looks sweet, too. I’ve seen your knowledge and skill set at play (I’ve read your PBN Mastery 2.0 PDF) so I’m confident in your ability to mitigate footprints.

All in all, I’m really rocked by the service. Couldn’t be happier, and thought I’d take a moment express my gratitude. You know you’ve got a good designer working for you when your PBN looks better than your money site. 🙂

Thanks, Patrick. I’ll be back!
‎Joshua Brown‎

Hey, Patrick Babakhanian, I just wanted to give you a shout out for the awesome IFTTT network setups you did for me recently! Great work man! Expect more orders from me very soon.

For anyone else out there reading this, I want to give my highest recommendation to Patrick and his SERPchampion services. I have used them all (most of them multiple time) and have never been disappointed in any way. I’ve got several providers I go to for various services and SERPchampion is always among the best.

I gain nothing from giving this testimonial other than to give appreciation to someone who deserves it!
Trent Brownrigg

Thanks guys: I turned to serpchampion to setup a few pbns as I didn’t have the time, I usually do them myself as I’m quite the perfectionist… but really needed this batch up. So I thought I’d outsource them, and then get back to building them myself. But then I got the order back, saw the results… then ordered another batch, saw more results. So now I officially stopped building my own pbns, needless to say I’m pretty darn impressed with Serpchampions’ setups (+ they’re built on expiring domains, which I truly believe are more powerful and push the juice quicker). Thanks Patrick!
‎Tom De Spiegelaere‎

Just want want to give massive props to the SERP Champion team for their PBN set up service.

They get to work super fast and make sites that look nicer than my own money sites!!!
These guys are the only ones I bother to go with anymore as they produce great results every time 🙂

‎Harry Bloom‎

Can’t say enough about Patrick and SERPChampion. His quick response and turnaround time for his DFY services help do the heavy lifting, while keeping me focused on building my one man business and assisting my clientele. Reasonable prices for quality work as well.
Thanks a lot man!

‎Vu Tran

I’m blown away by the quality of the sites Patrick has built for me. Frankly, they look better than some of my money sites.
‎Jamie Boudreaux‎

Before I purchased Patrick’s domains I was buying expired domains, from sellers that didn’t know a good metric even if it hit them. I was burned, and lost more money “the cheap way” than I ever thought I could.
With one message to SERPchampion I was able to get domains that boggled my own mind. Take my advice – don’t be cheap, go to Patrick TODAY and get some of the hottest domains on the market, you’ll thank me for it.

‎Cesar Antonio Soto‎

Thanks to Patrick for providing me with a Great domain! I will definitely order again! I have ordered PBNs from several other sellers who promise great metrics and backlinks, but they all have like 5% of their links working….
This is not the case with SERPChampion… Got domain well worth the money I spent on it. With Great Metrics and several good backlinks 🙂

‎Thomas Hiim‎

SERPchampion is a great product. Patrick goes into great detail on how to analyze expired domains so that you don’t end up with a useless spammed domain with no juice. He then goes over how build your pbn from scratch the right way so as not to leave any footprints. I especially like the section on how to get your domain indexed fast and how to get your penalized domain reindexed. The video are clear and easy to understand and Patrick gives links to all the tools he uses in the notes. Great course. Thanks!
‎Matthew Hart‎

The Full PBN Setup from SERPchampion absolutely rocks! I cannot believe how fantastic the sites look that they set up for me. Every step of the process could not have been any better. I even made a mistake which they caught and it was all straightened out. They do great work and you should use them too.
‎‎John Johnson‎

I thought that my on-page optimization was on point, but something was working. So thought I’d try Patrick’s on-page services over at Serpchampion. He made me realise I was missing out a few key points. The service was very professional and had a quick turnaround. My site has now risen a few spots organically and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw myself in the top spot in google maps. Highly recommended and I’ll definitely be using Patricks service again on alot of my pages.
Good stuff!

‎‎Carl Ashfield‎

I ordered the PBN package for 5 sites to test out this service. Communication was good and the delivery was fast! I received my PBN’s in about three days and all the sites are high quality “real” sites with good content and media mix. After looking at the finished product I considered asking SERPchampion to make me a website because their PBN’s are more appealing than main site haha overall great service. You need PBN’s then these guys are where you need to spend your money.
‎‎‎Steven Witham‎

I have used several people to setup my PBN’s and I have to say with 100% confidence Patrick Babakhanian team has been the best! Thanks again…
‎‎‎Tom Neely‎

Just wanted to thank SERPchampion for the outstanding job they did on my PBN. Took them less time than needed and delivered an outstanding product. Will definitely use again.
‎‎‎Mario Salinas‎

Was really impressed with the social signals service. Saves me a ton of time and gives me some peace of mind to know it’s being done properly. Thanks Patrick and the team!
‎‎‎Jeff Samis‎

SUPER impressed with the PBNs SERPChampion built for me.
Thanks very much guys! Fast turnaround time way ahead of schedule. Good content too 🙂

‎‎‎‎Ian Mason‎

Talk about over delivering! I ordered a single PBN site to test the service. TAT was 7-14 days. 2 days later, I had a very well setup PBN that would totally pass manual inspection.
The content is 100% unique, and while not the highest quality, it get’s the job done. Will definitely be ordering more soon!

‎‎‎‎Tj Bowman‎

I used the SERPChampion PBN setup service to setup my 10 most recent PBNs. Order finished yesterday and I am impressed. The turnaround time was good and the sites looks great. Saved me a ton of time. Will definitely be using you again!
‎‎‎‎‎Trent Brownrigg‎

No one does a PBN setup faster or better than SERPChampion. I am a repeat customer. Give them a try!
‎‎‎‎‎Mark Royer‎

Great work to setting up my PBN, site’s look great!
‎‎‎‎‎Mikko Oikarinen‎

A Big Shout Out to all you guys at SERPchampions. Just got my 5 site PBN. WOW! What a fantastic job you guys did! I am blown away! First of all, if anyone including Google went to any of these sites, they would have a lot of trouble ever thinking this is a PBN.
The Graphics, the HD photos, The sliders, and most important the Content.
Thanks so much guys, I’m off to search for 5 more expired domains to build another PBN, I mean to have you guys build me another one.
You guys Rock! If anyone wants some great work done for PBN’s, Look no further, hire these guys Today!
Thanks again Patrick and the team. Way beyond my expectations.

‎‎‎‎‎Alan Whitt‎

I talked to Patrick at SerpChampion about doing our PBN set up. I was a little sceptical at first, but he took the time to explain everything and boy am I glad I listened. They have just set up my three latest PBN sites and the sets ups are brilliant. Everything is totally safe, compliant and they used different Whois info for each domain. It saved me a huge amount of time and is well worth the price. Highly recommended – thanks Guys. Derek
‎‎‎‎‎Derek Armson‎

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