Do Social Signals Increase Your Rankings in Google?

Hey, what’s up? This is Patrick Babakhanian from SERPchampion TV. Welcome to this week’s episode of PWTA. Say that again really quickly. PWTA, playing with the algorithm where I test a lot of things when it comes to SEO.

And the whole point of this concept, of this block segment, is to test each variable without any other factors influencing my variable and see if Google, response, response to the things I do with the sites I make.

And usually, what I do is I make a fake keyword, and with this fake keyword, I am the only one in the Google database using this keyword, right? And that makes it easy for me to testing.
So, if I would do this or optimize this, would this test page go up or down?

Do you know what I mean? So on my screen here, you see five pages, all are similar. All are the same. And what I usually do is this third page, I use this as the test page.

So anything that I do is this page. Either I send a link to it, I see if it responds or not. I change one thing on this page, and then I see if this goes up or down. And I’ve done a bunch of tests. If you have seen my tests before then, you know me already.

If you don’t, go check out my previous tests. But for this week we’re going to test something really big. It’s a big, big topic, which is social signals. And what are social signals?

Social signals are social shares, likes from platforms like Facebook. So say, your money site, your URL gets a Facebook like or a Facebook share. That’s a social signal itself from Facebook.

Or you get a Pinterest pin, that’s a social share. You get a retweet, that’s a social share. You get… What else is there? There are some platforms out there that you can get retweeted, get like, get shared.

Those are social shares. And what I wanted to do is I wanted to pick this site, this URL, and I’ve done nothing to these pages. These are all the same. And I wanted to send social signals to this page. And I wanted to see if this URL would respond to it or not.

And I’ve tested off-page factors before with this concept. In the previous test, what I did was I sent a link, a backlink to this page. I’ve done nothing to these pages, right? So they’re similar.

And it moved up after a few days already without touching it. So just to prove to you that I’m not messing with you, and this is real, this is real data.

So, what I’ve done is I’ve sent social shares to this page. Let me show you. This was on November 8, right? So let me just show you… Check social signals. So the URL was this, the JD.

Show me the count just to prove to you that I did send social shares. So this URL, what I’m testing, so the JD. It has likes; it has shares, Pinterest shares, G+, shares, and ones. It gets social signals. This is the count right here. So, I used my service.

We test with real social signals with a lot of micro accounts and micro workers. So it’s all legit. These are not bots at all.

So, we’ve done this and what happened was, check this out. So November 8 and what happened was it’s now 28, right? 28 November.

And what happened was it’s still at number three. So what does this mean? It does not have a direct correlation. I waited almost a month to see any results.

I’ve sent even more social shares. And it turns out that social shares do not directly correlate with a ranking increase. So that’s bad news for a lot of people. For a lot of other people, it’s like, “I told you so, I told you so.” So this is real data. This is something that… This is just proof. Do you know what I mean?

And if people don’t believe me, they can test it for themselves. This is pretty easy to test.

But yeah, my thoughts on this are social signals do not have a direct correlation with a ranking increase.

But I do believe that, say your money side gets the rankings, gets a lot of links but has no social presence, has no social shares or getting the social love, that might set up a trigger at Google.

So I do believe that social signals and shares bring validation for the links you build for your site.

So you won’t get a ranking increase directly, but I do believe that you will get a ranking increase indirectly. But like I said, this can be tested, and I’m going to test this too in a new video, but I just wanted to do this test, and I waited for a month to see if there would be any movements or not.

And it stayed on the third page. So the shares itself don’t directly correlate with it. But I am going to test it for links.

So say you send a link, and you might share that link or send social shares to that link; it might cause a ranking increase. This can be a little bit complex for some people to understand, but anyway, so this is the result. Social shares directly do not have a ranking increase.

If people say they do, they haven’t tested it. But like I said, they do give validation of the links you do build to your site. Because it’s weird, think about it.

If your site gets a lot of links, but it has no social presence, no likes, is not getting the love from the people, then it’s highly unlikely that the site is natural in Google’s eyes.

So I hope you understand this. And my advice is always… Okay, now I’m going to sound like a white hat.

Always, always make sure to write nice content for your money site, content that is worth getting shared, liked, commented on.

Because at the end of the day, whether you like it or not, whether you’re a white hat, gray hat, black hat, pink hat, money-hat, I don’t care what you are, you always, always, always have to make sure that your money site has the best quality there is.

Just from a marketing standpoint, from a UX user experience standpoint, you’re going to win either way. Whether you build links, of course, you need to build links. I’m not saying don’t build links and build amazing content.

But either way, either you’re a pro link builder or not, always built good content, good quality content, spent some extra money on a very good writer, doing research.

Make sure your page has the visuals, the nice optimization. Make sure it’s share-worthy, so people do share it. Okay?
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I’ll email you with a test, case studies, new content every few weeks, sometimes every week, sometimes every two weeks. It’s going to be cool. And thank you for watching this video. So this is Patrick Babakhanian from SERPchampion TV. Talk to you soon.

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