What’s in it for you?

A Beautifully-Designed Affiliate Site

Building a top-performing niche site takes hours of work, many times, hours of guesswork! Save time and invest in a hands-off niche site that is designed to earn you tons of passive income & attract warm traffic.

 Target Easy & Profitable Keywords

Rank your website with confidence and ease by ranking profitable keywords that have little competition but have a significant amount of monthly searches. Your site will also rank for longtail keywords that add up and get you more traffic.

 Top-Quality American Written Content

Your site will offer helpful, informative and top-quality content to site visitors that are looking for product reviews, guides, and informational articles.

Focused on helping your site’s readers find the best information based on their Google searches and aimed to increase social engagement, comments, and social signals.

 SEO-Optimized & Ready To Rank

Not only do we make sure your content has a unique tone of voice, perfect grammar, and spelling but we will also include the proper keyword densities, LSIs (synonyms) and other semantically related keywords that WILL make your pages more relevant to the search engines and your readers.

 Targeting Well-Converting Niches

There are millions of niches to choose from, but how do you target the “right” one? Target a sub-niche in a big market. We’ve done the niche research based on our proven formula for you so that you don’t have to. Target profitable sub-niches that make you money.

Promoting Hot-Converting Products

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Sell what’s already selling well on the internet and reverse-engineer the whole process. Your site will only promote products that convert effectively. Everything you promote will be an easy sell!

 High Sale Potential

Did you know that websites sell daily for 20 to 30x their monthly profits?

That means, if you get to generate only $500 a month from your site (which is a conservative number), it’s already worth between $10.000 and $20.000.

Your potential profits are based on conservative conversion rates, monthly search volume, and commission rates.

 Fast Client Support

Having a mentor, coach or consultant by your side might cost you an arm and a leg, but most of the time it’s worth it.

The good news, working with SERPchampion also means receiving results driven training, insightful feedback and consulting along with the services we provide. Your success is our success.

 Same-Day Delivery

Hands-off websites are ready to be transferred the same day of purchase. Simply buy a niche site & send your transfer details after checkout. Custom websites will take up to 7 business days to complete.

Bonus: PBN Mastery Course

Learn how to build a stable & durable private blog network in 1 day by downloading our step-by-step video course. It’s important for you to know how to keep your PBNs efficient and well-maintained. This course sells for $47, but you’re going to get it for free!

We’re so confident in our service that we’re
willing to take the risk off your shoulders.

We’re so confident in our niche sites that we’re willing to take the risk off your shoulders.
If you do not make a single dollar with your website after 6 months, we will give you your money back, and you will return the site to us.

*  This guarantee only applies if your website is spam-free, not penalized and has a good amount of quality backlinks.

Step 1: Purchase a Niche Site

Select your preferred niche site from our inventory & choose your upgrades if you need a custom package.

Step 2: Provide your Registrar & Host Details

We will transfer the domain name and website to your hosting provider & integrate your affiliate accounts with the niche site.

Step 3: Start Ranking Your Niche Site

Your niche site will be live and ready to generate commissions and gain rankings.

INSTANT results in the SERPs after launching, only a few weeks old sites! These rankings ARE Typical.

This is the power of our well-optimized niche sites.

Already ranking on page 3 for a 1.3K term without any links!

Again, no link building has been done to this website!

Even in the brutally competitive fitness niche, we will easily rank without many links!

It won’t take us long to rank this website.

Buy An Affiliate Website

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We’re so confident in our service that we’re
willing to take the risk off your shoulders.


If your rankings do not improve after 6 months of using our networks, we will give you your money back, and you will simply return the network to us.


* This guarantee only applies if your website is spam free, has quality backlinks and is well on-page optimized.

We let our case studies do the talking for us!

First there’s Mark. He had tried to make money with affiliate sites before so had some marketing experience and he knew how to drive traffic to his new money site…

Mark purchased his first Clickbank Affiliate Money Site… and in the first 60 days, he made $3,377.48!

Then there’s Becky. She had never sold anything online before this and we built her a brand new  website… Becky made $263.35 hands-free in her first month and she says the money she banked has doubled her second month for a total of over $539.01!

Becky was a bit skeptical she could make any money online as she had tried and failed before. Becky purchased her first Affiliate Money Site… In the first 30 days, she made $263.35 and she had never sold anything before online!

And she never spent a single penny on traffic or link building!

Then there’s Jonathan, he bought a package of 3 niche sites… Jonathan’s 3 Affiliate Money Sites… in the first 30 days brought in a total of $1,976.90! Jonathan purchased his first Affiliate Money Site… and was so happy with the money he was making he ordered two more! And he never spent a single penny on traffic or link building! Jonathan made $1,976.90 completely hands-free his first month and his sales commissions are even higher now!

Then there’s Ryan, he is a master marketer with years of experience with niche sites and he bought a package of 5 Clickbank niche sites… Ryan’s 5 Clickbank Affiliate Money Sites… in the first 30 days brought in a total of $10,206.39!

NOTE: The above results are not guaranteed nor are we claiming that you will achieve the same results. The results depend on your SEO efforts and how Google responds to the on-page and off-page optimization.

Purchase Your Preferred Niche Site!

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Frequent Asked Questions

Do you have samples of your niche sites?
How long does it take for the site to making some profit?

The niche, the competition for the keywords, and Google all play a big part in this. Usually, a site will start gaining some traffic and sales within  2 to 3 months.

How much can I earn with these sites?

It depends on the site, the niche, and the affiliate program. We aim to make sites that can earn around 500 after a few months, with some growth and work on your part this can scale up to 3K+ realistically.

What kind of sites do you make?

We specialize in Amazon, Adsense, and Clickbank monetized sites. Each one has their things that make them unique.

How long does it take to get my site?

We will transfer your ready-made website to your account within 24 hours.

Does it cost me anything ongoing?

Only the cost for your hosting, and any additional content you may add. If you are paying for links, there is a cost for that as well, but just to keep it up and running costs only the hosting fee.

Can you rank the site or do the work for me?

SERPchampion does have some link services and PBN setup services you can purchase; we are happy to assist with any questions you may have, but this is your site, and you should take control and learn how to repeat the process and make more money.

Are there any bulk discounts?

Sure, for orders of 5+ sites we can set up a discount. Contact us for more details.