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wdt_IDNicheDomainPriceAgeDAPARDTop Linking DomainsAdd To Cart
1Business/ Packing******cartoncongress.com1602.014253736Hunter.io, Comieco.org, CEPI.org, LabelsAndLabeling.com

$160.00 Add To Cart

2Education/ Center******mirefugee.org1602.011273934Medium.com, VolunteerMarch.org, MatadorNetwork.com, Ferris.edu

$160.00 Add To Cart

3Education/ School******alhs.org1602.015183233GreatSchools.org, BroadWayWorld.com, Century21.com, ISTE.org, HoldMyTicket.com

$160.00 Add To Cart

4Health/ Cancer******cancercenter.org1602.003173033ABCNews.com, MediaRoom.com, Terra.com &

$160.00 Add To Cart

5Health/ Lungs******unga.com1601.997193034ShoreWest.com, SkyScraperPage.com, TheFullWiki.org

$160.00 Add To Cart

6Health/ Medical******2016.org1602.011183132EISeverywhere.com, AOFoundation.org, EuroSpine.org

$160.00 Add To Cart

9Law/ Legal******chilling.com1602.012172936RedState.com, RealClearPolitics.com, NFIB.com

$160.00 Add To Cart

10Law/ Politics******enate.com1602.016223230HuffingtonPost.com, LibGuides.com, WTTW.com

$160.00 Add To Cart

16Health/ Children******shriners.com2002.006213445KnoxNews.com, Wikipedia.org, LMUNET.edu

$200.00 Add To Cart

17Health/ Food******servicealliance.org2002.008183241NEXTBook.com, MNN.com, CommonDreams.org, TheDailyGreen.com

$200.00 Add To Cart

NicheDomainPriceAgeDAPARDTop Linking DomainsAdd To Cart

Happy customers.

“The domains I was sent as examples all looked good and checked out as the type of domains I look for at auction.” Greg Morrison from OMG Machines

“They have really awesome domains and have a great collection of domains!! Recommended” Sarvesh Srivastava

“”What can I say about Serp Champion…it is very simple they know pbns and they build them better than anyone else in the industry. Patrick is a PBN rock-star and I will be recommending him to all SEO pros.” Josh Beechcraft

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100% NO-RISK Guarantee

Here at SERPchampion, we’re fully dedicated to both your success and your satisfaction. We’re so confident that our domain brokerage service will get you the results you want, that we offer you a 100% No-Risk Guarantee. Our Promise to You:  If the domain gets deindexed within 30 days of purchase, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice or we will give you your money back. SERPchampion is dedicated to making sure you’re completely satisfied our domain brokerage service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which packages do you recommend for my campaign?
If you are starting from scratch, we recommend building between 3 to 5 PBNs per month to establish authority for your site. You will need to build trust first before you rank on page #1. If your site is older than 6 months and you have already created a good amount of links, we recommend sending between 7 to 15 PBNs per month for ranking improvements. We will make sure that your links are placed as random and natural as possible.
I'm a beginner! Will I get assistance when I order?
Absolutely. You can use our services with confidence as a beginner. We will provide additional support if needed. You will also have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential. Do you want to access the training now? Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.
Are the domains indexed in Google?
Most of the domains we sell are indexed, so there is no need to reindex them. None of our domains have been fully dropped and re-registered, but they are renewed for another year.
What is your pricing based on?
The pricing of our domains is based on a variety of factors including their cost acquisition from auctions & private marketplaces, the quality of their incoming backlinks, referring domains, and the domain’s age. We do NOT price our domains based on metrics like TF, CF and PA. These metrics do not determine the power of our domains. Here at SERPchampion we’re committed to giving you the BEST value possible, and making sure that you get what you pay for.
What is the turnaround time?
You will receive the domains within 24 hours after purchase. We will ask for your domain registrar information after checkout. You will be redirected to an instructions page, where you can fill in your registrar details. Some domains take up to 72 hours, depending on the registrar. If you need help, we will guide you through the process. SERPchampion will make this an easy, hassle-free experience for you from start to finish.
How many domains do I need to rank my website?
We get this question a lot, and our answer stays the same. There is no specific number of PBNs you need to rank your site. Each SEO campaign is different. Many factors influence your site’s ranking time like keyword competition, on-page optimization, quality of your links and the speed of your link building. SEO is an anticipation game, where you need to act and react to the ranking effects. Some websites need 10 links to rank; other sites need more than 30 links to rank an individual page. The only way to find out how many links you need to rank is to start sending links to your site until it’s ranking. It’s as simple as that. There is no way to predict how many links you need to rank your site. Our advice is to start with sending 5 to 10 links per month for ranking effects until you’re ranking on page #1.
What are the metrics of the domains?
Here at SERPchampion, we don’t select domains based on metrics, but on their incoming backlinks. That is what determines the real strength of a domain. Metrics can be misleading, and in our experience, lower metrics from expiring domains have more power than higher metrics from expired, and scraped domains. However, you can expect these minimal metrics from all the domains that we deliver:

  1. Trust Flow: 10 – 20
  2. Citation Flow: 10 – 20
  3. Domain Authority: 15 – 20
  4. Page Authority: 25 – 30
  5. Referring Domains: 20 to 100+
Do I need to pay for domain registration fees?

No, you don’t have to register the premium domains yourself or pay any extra fees. All the domains we sell in the premium marketplace are renewed and paid for one year.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, we do! If the domain gets deindexed within 30 days of purchase, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice. SERPchampion is 100% committed to your success, and satisfaction.
Will I get SEO training after I purchase your package?
You will have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential. Do you want to access the training now? Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.

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