We Build Long-Lasting & Quality Private Blog Networks That Can Improve Your Traffic & Rankings Within 30 Days.


Done-For-You Private Blog Network

Outsource your private blog network to industry leaders that started building PBNs years ago!


Higher & Faster Rankings

Our SEO team keeps up to date on all of Google’s ever changing algorithms to ensure your website achieves higher rankings giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.

We Do All The Hard Work So You Don’t Waste Your Time On Any Of This…

finding the domains through expensive tools or scrapers

Spending time on due diligence and making sure every domain is spam-free, indexed and powerful

Creating registrar accounts and transferring domains to your accounts

Creating unique, genuine-looking emails to send to your list

Buying hosting space on expensive premium hosts and time on setup

Spending time building new genuine content filled websites (that don’t appear like obvious link farms or PBNs)

Building contextual backlinks that have a natural anchor text and velocity

Making sure your network secure so to prevent any footprints left behind to expose your network to vulnerabilities

Here’s Why We’re The BEST At What We Do…

You Get Our 100% Hands-Off Network

You just tell us what to do and we build it and customize it for you – you are delivered a 100% Hands Off Network. We will build new PBNs for you so you can quickly grow your business reach – all 100% hands off.

You will achieve a bigger and stronger network as each site is added that you can use as a big asset in your SEO campaigns.

The way it works is, you tell us which niches or fields your websites are in, and we will search for the best match domains we can buy for you and add to your campaigns.

100% Done-For-You Link Building

We will search for domain names that complement your business, buy them and register them in your name. We will set the domain names, hosting and websites up and maintain them in our premium hosting services.

We can also include work to schedule blog posts if you desire with your links upfront.

This way your links are built naturally so are Google friendly. This automatic link building of high-quality links will improve your SEO ranking quickly and efficiently at a very affordable and economical rate.

The network will be your biggest SEO asset which you have full control over as you have private access to all of the websites we build for you.

Our Customized 4 Step Process…

You send us your niches & Target URLs

We will find relevant & high-quality domains

We will create the websites 100% hands-off for you

You will receive a complete & stable private blog network

Here’s why so many top marketers love working with us…

We let our clients do the talking for us! Here is what they had to say about their experiences working with us…

I’ve also seen a good amount of ranking boosts because of the network. Highly recommended!

I talked to Patrick at SERPchampion about getting the SERPauthority network setup by their team.

I was a bit skeptical at first since using PBNs can be risky enough for your rankings, but Patrick took the time to explain everything and how to keep the blogs as natural as possible and I’m glad I’ve listened to his advice.

They have just set up my three latest sites, and the network looks excellent. Everything is totally safe, compliant and they used different Whois info for each domain. It saved me an enormous amount of time and is well worth the price.

Derek Amsen, Digital Marketing Consultant

With A SERP Authority Network I’ve Got A #1 Page Ranking…

I turned to SERPchampion to setup a few sites as I didn’t have the time to do them myself, I usually do them myself as I’m quite the perfectionist, and I’m not satisfied with the work that I usually receive from vendors… but needed this batch up.

So I thought I’d outsource them to SERPchampion, and then get back to building them myself. But then I got the order back, saw the page #1 ranking boosts and traffic increases on my site. Then I’ ordered another batch, and saw more ranking improvements.

So now I officially stopped building my network, needless to say, I’m pretty darn impressed with Serpchampions’ SERPauthority networks. (+ they’re built on established domains, which I believe are more powerful and push the juice quicker than scraped, cheap domains).

Tom Benson,  SEO & Web Designer

These Guys Are Hands Down The Best In The Industry…

I was worried that SERPauthority networks would build obvious-looking PBNs with footprints that are easy to crack down by competitors and manual reviewers.

Honestly, SERPchampion is hands down the best website creator in the industry. I called it a “Website Network” instead of PBN because when they’re done crafting your network it doesn’t look NOR feel like a PBN.

They have the look and feel of high-quality websites. The kind of website that can attract visitors. The customer service is excellent. The report you receive is organized, making it easy to read and understand. I will no longer build another network myself. I’m giving that task to SERPchampion, and I highly recommend you do as well.

Melvin Richard, Digital Marketer

We Built A $2,000 Per Day Blog For This Happy Client…

I bought a high-end domain (for $1500) from Patrick as a money site instead of a PBN, and I’m so glad I did it now. I built out a quick website and linked a few PBN’s to it that I bought off Patrick and to my surprise, the site shot straight to page 1.

I’m scared to even to do anything else to this domain right now because it’s banking $2k a day!!! If you are in doubt of buying domains from Patrick, take it from me it’s 100% worth it! – Dave Hoff, Digital Marketer.

Dave Rankings

Your new network will become your biggest SEO asset as you enjoy full control over all of the websites we build for you.

The Best SERP Authority Package Features Include:

Premium Domains

We research, and acquire high-end, premium and established domains, sourced from private deals or private auctions to ensure top quality domains.

Premium Themes

We design PBNs with our proven money site methods. You will receive genuine, natural and convincing websites good enough to pass a manual review.

No Footprints

You can be assured that each of your sites will have its persona, domain registration information (WHOIS), and email to ensure that every domain looks like it’s created by a third-party.

Manually Written Articles & Pages

We provide manually written content (over 1000+ words) which is unique and relevant to the domain itself. Each site will have these inner pages like About Us, Services, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Done-For-You Linkbuilding

Let us handle your link building on your PBNs, so you won’t have to. Our expert content writers are smart and can build links in a smart way that doesn’t appear spammy within the content.

Hidden From Your Competitors

Your network links will be hidden from your competitors as we block the most used link crawlers to protect your network from competitors trying to steal your links.

Social Media Sharing

Your social media linking and updating can be customized to your needs. We include the social elements like social sharing buttons on your homepage and each post.

Dedicated Technical Support

Our technical support is always ready to answer your questions and sort out any potential issues with your websites. We will be involved with every step of the process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Select Your SERPauthority PBN Package

1 PBN Setup Only


34Premium & Aged Domain

34Premium Website Design

34Content-Rich Inner Pages

34Manually Written Articles & Pages

34No Footprints

34Done-For-You Linkbuilding

34Protected & Hidden Network

34Social Buttons

34Premium Hosting (Optional)

34Personal Technical Support

1 PBN Setup & Premium Domain


34Premium & Aged Domain

34Premium Website Design

34Content-Rich Inner Pages

34Manually Written Articles & Pages

34No Footprints

34Done-For-You Linkbuilding

34Protected & Hidden Network

34Social Buttons

34Premium Hosting (Optional)

34Personal Technical Support

Want to order more than 1 PBN Setup?

Benefit from our special bulk pricing by adding more than 5 setups in your package!
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Check Out 3 of our SERPauthority Network Samples!

Frequent Asked Questions

Will I gain better rankings with your SERPauthority domains?

We can not guarantee ranking improvements with our services because there are more variables in play to achieve better rankings and we have no control over the web or the search engines like Google.

Your actual ranking improvements will depend on your keyword competition, the age of the website, on-page optimization and other sources of links and the current search engine ranking algorithm.

However, 90% of our clients have gained better rankings, after using our services.

Are there any domains included with the SERPchampion PBN setup?

We have two types of PBN packages you can select:

1. PBN Setup Only package (You provide us the domains and hosting)

2. PBN Setup + Domains (You only provide the hosting and we will provide the domains)

How much content do I receive for every PBN site I order?

Each PBN site will have up to 1,000 words of unique and manually written content. The content will be divided and placed on your inner pages (About, Services etc.) and into one blog post.

We do NOT create spun content with tools like Spinrewriter or Articlebuilder which many lower-cost PBN setup services do use spun content to keep their costs and prices as cheap as possible.

We caution you not to use cheap and low-quality content on your Blog Network since the content on your sites is not unique or manually written for the reader and eventually Google will penalize you for this low quality content.

Do I need to provide hosting for this service?

We have reseller accounts with large, traditional hosting providers including HostGator, NameCheap, A Small Orange and Reseller Club. When you use our hosting solution, your sites will host alongside genuine websites all over the world.

If you want to provide your hosting, then that is also an option, and we can use your hosting accounts.
Or if you prefer we can take care of the hosting, then it will only cost you $3.00 each month per domain.

What kind of metrics do these domains have?

We don’t select domains based on metrics, but on their incoming backlinks.

Backlinks are what determines the real strength of a domain. Domain Metrics can be misleading and in our experience, lower metrics from expiring domains have more power than higher metrics from expired and scraped domains.

However, you can expect these metrics on average from all the domains that we deliver:

– Trust Flow 10 – 20
– Citation Flow 10 – 20
– Domain Authority 15 – 20
– Page Authority 25 – 30

What is the turnaround time of the PBN setup service?

Your PBN setup will be delivered to you via email n between seven days to twelve days from delivery of the correct details from you. You will receive an email with all of your WordPress login details and unique emails in a Text/CSV file.

We only build high quality PBNs because we want to take the time to deliver a complete and fully-functioning PBN and make you one of our well-satisfied clients.

What is your guarantee?

If a domain in your order gets de-indexed within 14 days then we will replace that domain name with another one. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community of well-satisfied clients.

If you are not happy with your purchase we will create a new website for you at no additional charge.