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Get A 100% Hands-Off Private Blog Network
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Let us find the perfect domains for your network, so you don’t have to.


Your network will be designed like genuine and authoritative websites with zero footprints.


Increase your rankings in as little as 15 days of using our done-for-you network.


Here’s What We Offer

High-quality domains, set up premium hosts, creating value-driven content, all wrapped in a beautiful website design. That is our Done-For-You PBN promise.  

That means, we do all of the dirty work, and you simply build links to boost your rankings, quickly. Here’s a bonus – We will provide training on how to maximize the potential of your network. You’re welcome.

We Build PBNs Like Real Sites

Our strength lies in designing PBNs like they are genuine, authority websites installed on powerful, aged domains.

There will be ZERO chance of separating your PBN from a legitimate website. The power that drives our PBNs? Quality aged domains.

How It Works

Take The First Step

Select the package best fit for your needs. Set the quantity and domain authority (DA) level for your PBN domains to quickly start the process.

Pick Your Niche

Provide us with details on your niche so that we can compile the best one(s) for YOU and start building your network.

Transfer 100% Ownership

After we complete your network, we will transfer 100% ownership of the network to you. You will soon be the proud owner of a network that can be used as an asset in your SEO business.

Do you have questions about our service? Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.

We Put In The Effort To Make Your PBNs Look Genuine

Real Ranking Results From SERPchampion Clients

Case Study #1: Triple Your Traffic, and Triple Your Profit! This Client Received 3x More Targeted Traffic After Using the SERPchampion PBN Service.

Case Study #2: Get Results FAST! This Client Started Using Our Service in October And Nearly DOUBLED the Traffic to Their Site in Just 3 Months.

Case Study #3: Build a Valuable Long-Lasting PBN SEO Asset. Our SEO Strategies are 100% Google Proof. Even After Dozens of Google Updates, Our Sites Manage to Grow in Rankings, And Traffic.

Case Study #4: Steady Page #1 Rankings After Months Of Using Our Domains!

Here is What Our Clients Are Saying
About the SERPchampion PBN Services

Pricing: Tailored Packages to Fit Your Budget

  • Choose Your Package
  • High-Quality Aged Domain (DA20 / PA30+ / RD30+)
  • Beautiful Website Design
  • Unique, Manually Written Content
  • Additional Pages: About Us, Privacy Policy
  • Stock Images & Banners
  • No Footprints
  • 100% Website Ownership
  • Premium Host per Domain
  • Management: Hosting Dashboard
  • Turnaround Time
$140per site
Most Popular
$135per site
$130per site

100% NO-RISK Guarantee

Here at SERPchampion, we’re fully dedicated to both your success and your satisfaction. We’re so confident that our domain brokerage service will get you the results you want, that we offer you a 100% No-Risk Guarantee.

Our Promise to You:  If the site gets de-indexed within 30 days of purchase, we will send you a replacement site of your choice or send your money back. SERPchampion is dedicated to making sure you’re completely satisfied our domain brokerage service.

Let’s recap everything you get when you choose SERPchampion:

 Features Benefits
The Domains Why would you choose SERPchampion to handle your PBN setup?
✓ High-Quality Domain (DA20+, PA30+, RD25+) The power of our domains are unparalleled as we only use aged domains from private & public auctions … unlike the other guys.
✓ Niche-Relevant We have over 500+ domains in our inventory with a big variety of niches. From business, sports, finance, home improvement and more.
✓ Spam-Checked & Clean History SERPchampion’s strict quality check process will ensure that you will have clean, spam-free domains that are indexed in Google.
✓ 100% Ownership of The Domains & Sites Once we build you your own Private Blog Network, you will have 100% ownership of the domains, the sites, and hosting.
✓ Google-Indexed All your PBNs will be Indexed in Google. However, if a domain gets deindexed within 30 days, we will replace it for you for free.
The Setup  
✓ Beautifully-Designed Websites We build PBNs like we build our money sites, beautifully. Having a beautiful site will contribute to higher conversions and lower bounce rate, which is great for SEO.
✓ Custom Logo What is a branded website without a logo? We will create a stunning custom logo for your PBN that will quickly become familiar to your audience.
✓ Stock Images & Banners Your sites will look clean and professional with high-quality stock images and royalty-free banners.
✓ 1000+ Words of Content Our talented team of American writers will write over 1000+ words of content on each site, perfectly tailored for your niche.
✓ Inner Pages (About Us, Terms and Services) Your sites will be populated with an About Us page, Terms and Services and more.
✓ Necessary Set Of Plugins We will install all necessary plugins that will make your sites run smoothly, securely and safely.
✓ Silo Structure Your sites will have a silo structure in place so the link juice from the homepage will flow through your inner pages. A well-executed silo structure will make your site 10x stronger.
✓ Block Link Crawlers like MajesticSEO and Ahrefs Avoid having your backlinks exposed to your SEO competitors. We will block the most common link crawlers to keep you off the radar.
The Hosting  
✓ Premium Host Providers (No SEO-Hosts!) At SERPchampion, your sites will be hosted on premium, safe and spam-free servers that do not impose any risks for your business… unlike the other guys!
✓ Unique Hosting Provider per Site No A, B, C-Class hosting. We use a different hosting provider for every website we build for you.
✓ Hosting Dashboard for your Management Manage your PBN easily by getting access to your own hosting dashboard, giving you full access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites do I need to rank my website?

We get this question a lot, and our answer stays the same. There is no specific number of backlinks you need to rank your site. Each SEO campaign is different. Many factors influence your site’s ranking time like keyword competition, on-page optimization, quality of your links and the speed of your link building.

SEO is an anticipation game, where you need to act and react to the ranking effects. Some websites need 10 links to rank; other sites need more than 30 links to rank an individual page. The only way to find out how many links you need to rank is to start sending links to your site until it’s ranking. It’s as simple as that.

There is no way to predict how many links you need to rank your site. Our advice is to start with sending 5 to 10 links per month for ranking effects until you’re ranking on page #1.

How can I use my network after I receive my order?
Which packages do you recommend for my site?

If you are starting from scratch, we recommend building between 3 to 5 PBNs per month to establish authority for your site. You will need to build trust first before you rank on page #1.

If your site is older than 6 months and you have already created a good amount of links, we recommend sending between 7 to 15 PBNs per month for ranking improvements. We will make sure that your links are placed as random and natural as possible.

Is there a domain included with your package?

It depends on which service type you choose. We currently offer two different PNB services to choose from:

  1. PBN Setup Only – You provide us the domains and hosting
  2. PBN Setup + Domains – We handle everything

Regardless of the service you choose, SERPchampion makes this a hassle-free experience for you, saving you the headache, and trouble of setting up the PBN yourself.

In the long run, we help you to save a substantial amount of both time, and money.

What metrics do your domains have?

We don’t select domains based on metrics, but on their incoming backlinks. This is one of the tactics that sets us apart from low-quality PBN service providers.

Backlinks are what determine the real strength of a domain. Domain metrics can be misleading, and in our experience, lower metrics from expiring domains have more power than higher metrics from expired, and scraped domains.

However, you can expect these metrics on average from all the domains that we deliver:

– Trust Flow: 10 – 20

– Citation Flow: 10 – 20

– Domain Authority: 15 – 20

– Page Authority: 25 – 30

Will I get SEO training after I purchase your package?

You will have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential.

Do you want to access the training now?

Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.

Do you have any samples of your setups?

Yes, we have 3 samples available. Use the links below to take a look.

Sample #1 – Business

Sample #2 – Health

Sample #3 – Technology

Will I have 100% ownership of the network?

Absolutely! We will transfer the domains, hosting and login details to you so you own 100% of the network.

How much content does 1 website contain?

Each PBN site will have up to 1,000 words of unique, manually written content created by a professional content writer. The content will be divided and placed on your inner pages (About, Services etc.), and into one blog post.

We do NOT create spun content with tools like Spinrewriter, or Articlebuilder like many lower-cost PBN setup services do.

They use spun content to keep their costs and prices as cheap as possible, at the risk of having your site deindexed, blacklisted, or pushed back in the rankings.

We caution you not to use cheap, low-quality content on your PBN. Low-quality, mass produced content will eventually be penalized by Google, and is NOT worth the risk.

What is the turnaround time?

Your PBN setup will be delivered to you via email between 7 and 14 business days. You will receive an email with all of your WordPress login details, in a Text/CSV file.

Here at SERPchampion, we take the time to build and deliver only complete and functional high-quality PBNs.

We will go above and beyond the call of duty to make you one of our well-satisfied clients, and this includes taking the time to do things right the first time.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we do! If the domain gets deindexed within 30 days of purchase, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice. SERPchampion is 100% committed to your success, and satisfaction.

I'm a beginner! Will I get extra assistance when I order a domain package?

Absolutely. You can use our services with confidence as a beginner. We will provide additional support if needed.
You will also have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential.

Do you want to access the training now?

Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.

Get Your Site Ranked, Get Targeted Traffic, Get Paid. With the SERPchampion PBN Service, it’s That Simple.

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