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Frequently Asked Questions

You sign up to a monthly or annual subscription first; then, you get access to our exclusive guest post marketplace. You’ll have to option to place unlimited orders on our platform. And the best part? You pay affordable rates for the guest post with no high markups. We will update the marketplace with new sites every week.

The placement fee is a combination of the blogger’s asking price, content creation and the processing fee. The fees range between $130 to $999, depending on the blogger’s price. If you provide your own articles, then $50 per post will be subtracted from the total order.

Because even with a subscription, you will still save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in link costs. You will also have exclusive access to high-quality sites that need great content published. We have rates that range between $130 – $999 per post with content included. You can save even more money when you provide your own content.

Yes, you can provide your own content. Simply choose that option on the Checkout form, and we will subtract a $50 content fee per guest post from your total.

We can get your articles placed between 1 to 10 business days, depending on the size of your order.

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  • Paul Hadley Avatar
    Paul Hadley
    4/21/2020 - Trustpilot

    I have used SERPchampion fairly… I have used SERPchampion fairly regularly for the last few years. I have always got on well with the team... read more

    Matthew Woodley Avatar
    Matthew Woodley
    4/12/2020 - Trustpilot

    Outstanding On-Page SEO Optimization Services The results from SERPchampion's On-Page Optimization Services have far exceeded my expectations. I've seen massive ranking improvements in a super... read more

  • Alex Womack Avatar
    Alex Womack
    4/08/2020 - Trustpilot

    A good company A good company, quick responses & fast payment.

    Noemi Tasarra Avatar
    Noemi Tasarra
    3/23/2020 - Trustpilot

    Great content Great content, efficient team! I'm happy to work with them anytime.

  • Jaspal Singh Avatar
    Jaspal Singh
    2/26/2020 - Trustpilot

    Professional & Speedy Professional & Speedy, their service quality is what i like the most.

    Marc Berman Avatar
    Marc Berman
    2/25/2020 - Trustpilot

    SERPchampion is a professional and… SERPchampion is a professional and trusted firm that I am honored to do business with. They are extremely reliable and... read more

  • Clare Nicholas Avatar
    Clare Nicholas
    2/24/2020 - Trustpilot

    A very good experience A very good experience. Excellent communication from the start, all work required clearly laid out in terms of timescales etc.Would... read more

    James George Avatar
    James George
    2/24/2020 - Trustpilot

    I have a great experience with SERP… I have a great experience with SERP Champion. They are giving quick and quality services.

  • Sherilyn Colleen Avatar
    Sherilyn Colleen
    2/22/2020 - Trustpilot

    Outstanding Experience with a Professional Company This company is great to work with. A very quick service, responsive, and effective. Communication is top-notch.

    Maciej Chmurkowski Avatar
    Maciej Chmurkowski
    10/02/2019 - Trustpilot

    Our agency is using serpchampion as a… Our agency is using serpchampion as a source of aged domains. Despite they are quite expensive, they gave us extra... read more

  • Simon Schmid Avatar
    Simon Schmid
    9/24/2019 - Trustpilot

    Very professional and effective… Very professional and effective Linkbuilding Service. We came across SERPchampion and used them for our SEO and very quickly we... read more

    Tibor Avatar
    5/25/2019 - Trustpilot

    I LOVE SERPchampion I LOVE SERPchampion. I used their guest posting service multiple times and even bought a few domains for my PBN.... read more

  • Suumit Shah Avatar
    Suumit Shah
    5/20/2019 - Trustpilot

    Hired these Champs to revoke penalty of… Hired these Champs to revoke penalty of one of my Amazon Associates website and guess what - within 25 days... read more

    César Reyes Avatar
    César Reyes
    5/16/2019 - Trustpilot

    Nice selection of premium domains with great metrics for money sites or PBN's I've kept an eye for a few weeks to the domain marketplace on SERPchampion, they have a great selection of... read more

  • Sotiris Sotiriadis Avatar
    Sotiris Sotiriadis
    5/15/2019 - Trustpilot

    Building quality links for clients was… Building quality links for clients was always one of the most difficult parts of our Agency. There was no way... read more

    Rick Avatar
    5/13/2019 - Trustpilot

    Patrick's team are really good at finding awesome domains Patrick's team are really good at finding awesome domains. I've bought a few that have had traffic already. If you... read more

  • Nathan P. Avatar
    Nathan P.
    5/13/2019 - Trustpilot

    World-class customer service Prior to working with Serpchampion I had issues finding a reliable domain marketplace. Auctions take a great deal of time... read more

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