On Page SEO: How To Create Your Blueprint For Page #1 Domination (Within 10 Minutes)

This post is for the beginner SEOs that are having trouble ranking sites.


Who am I kidding? This post is helpful for the advanced SEO as well.

I’m going to teach you how to rank sites for free.

Don’t get me wrong. SEO courses can be useful. However, it’s the community (inside courses) that are super valuable.

Most tactics you learn inside courses will be forgotten within a year. And you’re most likely not going to be consistent with these “tactics.”

I’m going to give you one word that will (potentially) cure your Shiny Object Syndrome.

It’s called: Reverse-engineering.

For example, you have an affiliate site in the fishing niche.

You’re probably thinking: How am I going to rank my fishing site?
Answer: Study the top 3 in your niche, for your top 3 keywords.

“How am I going to generate leads for my dental client?”
Answer: Study your competition on Google for your dental keywords. Look at the organic top 3 listings, find PPC ads, analyze their landing pages.

I use SEMrush to analyze all of my competition. SEO or PPC. Let’s grab a few examples, shall we?
Let’s say; we have an affiliate site in the basketball niche. And I want to promote expensive basketball hoops, right?

Step 1: I’m going to search for the top 3 basketball hoop brands in Google.

Source: Google.com

Step 2: Choose a brand, and analyze the keyword with SEMrush. I chose Goalrilla GS.

Source: SEMrush.com

Tons of searches for the keyword: goalrilla basketball hoop, but a pretty competitive keyword.

Step 3: Choose a long-tail keyword.

In my case, I’ll choose goalrilla s60c in-ground basketball hoop for less competition.

Step 4: Analyze top 3 for that specific keyword.

Source: SEMrush

Now that we have our top 3 competitors, we’re going to analyze 4 elements of these 3 sites.

The 4 elements are:

1. Keyword Density (On-Page SEO)
2. Title / Meta / Permalink (On-Page SEO)
3. Anchor Text Profile (Off-Page SEO)
4. Link Velocity (Off-Page SEO)

Now it’s super easy to mimic the first four criteria points, based on our competition. Source links are a little bit harder. Hint: That’s why PBNs are so popular. Obviously, Dicks Sporting Goods is a huge brand. They will rank automatically for a ton of keywords because of their main authority.

Anyway, we’ll go over the 4 points right now per site.

Site 1: Dicks Sporting Goods

Keyword Density

Here’s a video I did a while back about figuring out the keyword density of my competitors. It still works.

These are the results I got from the first site:

2x Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop
7x Basketball hoop
9x Goalrilla

Title / Meta / Permalink 

Title: Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop | DICK’S Sporting Goods

Meta: Experience unrivaled playability with the Goalrilla® GS60C Basketball Hoop System. This exceptionally durable in-ground basketball goal system features a clearview tempered glass.

Permalink: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/goalrilla-gs60c-in-ground-basketball-hoop-16glruglrll60vxxxbke/16glruglrll60vxxxbke

Anchor Text Profile 

The anchor text profile was analyzed with Ahrefs. I only found 5 URL-anchor text links linked to this page. Diggity Marketing has a resourceful article about selecting the anchor text profile for your site. I highly recommend to give it a read.

Link Velocity
Not relevant because it only has 5 links. Dicks isn’t a great example because it gets all the power from the homepage.

But that’s fine. I wanted to demonstrate it anyway. Let’s move to site 2: https://basketballgoalstore.com/goalrilla/gs60c-goal/

Keyword Density 

25x Goalrilla
3x goalrilla gs60c
0x Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Title / Meta / Permalink 

Title: Goalrilla GS60c Basketball Goal from the Basketball Goal Store

Meta: The Goalrilla GS60c basketball goal is the entry level 60” hoop in the Goalrilla family and comes with a lifetime warranty

Permalink: https://basketballgoalstore.com/goalrilla/gs60c-goal/

Anchor Text Profile

This page barely has any links. That’s why I’ll check the homepage for their overall anchor text profile. A quality homepage does, in fact, empower your inner pages as well.

Obviously, this is a rough representation of the actual link profile. It’s not accurate, but it’s an estimate. It’s mostly branded and generic anchor text. It barely has keyword related anchor text.

Link Velocity 
Estimation: 4 to new 10+ links on average per week.
Site 3: https://goalrilla.com/product/b5002w/

Keyword Density
3x Goalrilla
1x gs60c
0x Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Title / Meta / Permalink

Title: GS60X | Goalrilla

Meta: Solid Goal. We finished installing our goal yesterday, so it is still very new to us.

Perma link: https://goalrilla.com/product/b5002w/

Anchor Text Profile

This inner page does not have any quality links pointed to it. However, we’ll analyze the root domain for an accurate assessment.
It’s safe to say that the majority of the anchor text is brand, URL, generic.

Link Velocity

Link velocity lies between 4 to 12 per week. Again, nothing crazy or spammy. Now that we’ve analyzed all sites, I’m going to make my game plan. The idea is to mimic the same type of density, anchor text profile as the top 3 websites.

Keyword Density

3x Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop
5x Goalrilla
1x Basketball Goal

Title: Goalrilla GS60C In-Ground Basketball Hoop | Your Brand Name

Meta: Play ball like a professional with the Goalrilla GS60c in-ground basketball hoop. Click here for more information.

Permalink: https://www.brandname.com/goalrilla-gs60c-basket

Anchor Text Profile

70% Brand / URL
20% Generic
10% Keyword variations

Link Velocity

Send 5 to 10 backlinks in total per week to the main site + inner page. Place the links on random days. Create no standard link patterns.

Source Links

– Build 10 – 15 high-quality Sports PBNs per month for the next 3 months.
– Place 10 to 15 guest posts on Sports blogs per month
Just by following this plan, I’ll be able to rank this page easily within the next 2 – 3 months.

Reverse-engineering is key.

Simply with hard data and using your brain. Now it’s your turn!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment with your questions or feedback.

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