We Tried Looking At Domain Metrics And Here’s What We Did Instead…

Today I’m going to reveal how to determine the real value of an aged domain.

This post will also show you WHY you should not rely on third-party metrics and why you should look deeper inside the rabbit hole.

In short: If you’re looking for (expired) aged domains with real SEO value, then you’ll love this post.

In the SEO industry, it’s not uncommon to use metrics to analyze every single domain.

Most SEOs use tools like AhrefsMoz or Majestic to assess the value of a domain name.

The problem is: Most people don’t go further than just looking at the metric scores like DA, DR, TF and conclude that the domain is NOT for them.

And that’s when you limit your potential and opportunities.

So how do you assess the quality of a domain? I’ll get to that in a minute.

Before you even purchase a domain, you’ll have to decide HOW you’re going to leverage a domain for SEO or ROI.

4 Simple Ways To Use Aged Domains:

1. The Branding Route

You can find a brandable domain with backlinks, and build a money site on it. This could be used as an affiliate site, local business site or a pay per lead site.

It’s a smart strategy to shortcut your way to page #1 rankings. It also limits the ranking time and can save you money on pillow link building (brandable links to your homepage + inner pages).

2. Domain Parking

You can buy a domain, and park it on your domain registrar account and collect advertising money like AdSense.

This generally works well with domains that still receive traffic (without having a website).

3. The Lazy Redirect

You can go the lazy route, and just 301 redirect your aged domain to your money site.

Although, redirections don’t always result in better rankings. It does transfer some link foundation to your new site

4. The Grey-Hat Route

You put your grey hat on and build small websites on your domains, and link out from them. This is commonly referred to as a Private Blog Network.

Now for every way, there is a different approach in assessing domains.

1. If you’re going to use it as your main site, then brandability, niche relevance, and link profile are going to determine the value of your domain.

2. If you’re going to park your domains, then traffic is going to determine the value of your domain.

3. If you’re going to 301 redirect it, then niche relevance and the link profile are going to determine the value of your domain.

4.If you’re going to build a Private Blog Network, then niche relevance and the link profile are going to determine the value of your domain.

How To Determine The Value Of A Domain:

1. The Name

I always start with looking at the domain name itself. Depending on the purpose of the domain, I place a lot of value on brandability.

There are brandable domains that are being sold for 5 to 6 figures WITHOUT any backlinks. Just check sites like Sedo or Uniregistry.

Source: Uniregistry

Source: Ahrefs

So imagine having a brandable name, age + a trusted link profile.

How much would you value a domain like that?

2. The Age 

I look at the age of the domain name. I always aim for domains that are at least 3 years old.

3 years is enough time to build up credibility, trust and a solid link profile in Google.

Source: WhoisDomainTools

How much value do you place on TIME?

Would you rather wait years for your site to build up some credibility in Google?

Or would you instead BUY time, and jump into the future?

3. The Link Profile

I look at the link profile of the domain name and look at what type of sites are linking back to the domain.

This is where you go DEEPER inside the rabbit hole. Notice that I haven’t even talked about metrics.

The value of a domain really EXPLODES once it gets links from real authority blogs in their niche.

Yes, these are typically DR/DA 80 – 90+ sites that are linking back.

Source: Ahrefs

Think Wikipedia, BBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, NYtimes and plenty of other “unknown” sites out there that are labeled as an authority in their niches.

How much do you think it would cost to get a backlink from these sites?




Most of these sites charge a high premium to get a link on there.

Honestly, a domain can have 40 referring domains for all I care.

But if it has a link from at least 3 – 5 authority sites, I’m buying it for at least $500 – $1000, depending on the purpose of the domain.

THAT’S the real value.

Not DA, RD, TF, UR, PR.

So if your DA scores have plummeted, then don’t worry too much. A lower DA will not cause any ranking drops.

Focus on age, name and the link profile itself.

I hope this post sharpened your “domain assessment” skills a bit.

And now I’d like to turn it over to you.

Did you learn something new?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, leave a comment below right now, and I’ll get back to you in the comments section.

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