4 Quick Ways to Increase ROI with Expired Domains

October 23, 2018 11:34 am
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Did you know that you could use (aged) expired domains and make ACTUAL ROI with them? And you can use domains in different days too.

It’s not only for PBNs per se. And if you’re putting your money down just for PBNs, then you’re SERIOUSLY limiting yourself.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can use domains:

1. PBNs

Most obvious are PBNs. But you don’t HAVE to link directly to your money site. You can use your domains as leverage to acquire more links.

Think about LINK trades with authority sites with real traffic. You offer a free link on your “beautiful-looking” PBNs, and you request a link from them to your money site.

Not only does it act as a safeguard but you can place 10 – 20 links on 1 PBN (With 1 investment) and receive 20 links in return.

If you want to know more about this tactic, check out this article I wrote a while ago.

2. Money Sites

You can build a pay per lead or affiliate site on a brandable, aged domain with NICHE relevancy. Very obvious reason to use domains, right? Just make sure the domains are highly niche relevant.

Also, keep in mind that brandable domains have a rich link history that might be worth $1000s of dollars. Think about links from Wikipedia, Huffingtonpost, Forbes, and Mashable.

3. Quick-Cash Link building

You can sell / rent links on your aged domains for quick CASH. Most SEOs will probably link 10x JUST from the homepage. But did you know that most aged domains also HAVE expired inner pages with real link juice?

You can sell a slightly “cheaper” one-time link to make additional money and recoup your domain investments. Check out this video I did, where I show you HOW to scrape for high PA inner pages.

This model is perfect for affiliate marketers that need to see quick ROI from their investment. Most affiliates struggle with having enough money to invest in their affiliate sites. 

4. The Virtual Realtor

You can invest in domains like you would invest in real estate. Keep in mind, that aged domains keep their VALUE and are worth real $ for bigger companies. You can re-sell domains for 5 – 10x more than what you bought them for.

The truth is, expired domains are being underutilized.

And there are many quick ways to make REAL money with them. You just have to GRAB the opportunities while it’s there!

It all starts with getting expired domains.

No time to look for expired domains?

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To your success,

Patrick – SERPchampion.com

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