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Patrick Babakhanian here from SerpChampion, and in this video, I’m going to teach you how to sell your SEO services.

Now, there’s so much training out there about how to do SEO, how to do link building, and I’m guilty for it too. Still, a lot of blogs don’t teach you how to sell the SEO to business owners or eCommerce websites.

Before we do, here’s a page of my blog where we have tons of training on link building our page optimization. Make sure to check out this blog. We have a ton of actionable SEO strategies.

Now, back to my video. If you want to sell SEO services, there’s one thing that so important when you’re selling your SEO services, and that’s tangibility.

A business owner, they want to know what’s in it for them, right? They want to know how to invest and make money back. They don’t care about backlinks.

It’s really hard to sell something like SEO because it’s very complex, and it’s very technical. Once an entrepreneur or a business owner doesn’t understand your concept, they would never invest in that because they’re unsure of it.

They’re not certain if it’s going to work for them, so they’re not going to invest their hard-earned money in your services.

We need to show them the data basically, make them realize that it’s not necessarily about rankings or backlinks, it’s about conversions, sales, customers, and leads through their website.

Now I’m going to use a few tools that I use personally to sell to my clients. As I said before, I’m going to talk about tangibility, and one of the tools that I use for tangibility is called agency

It’s a real-time reporting software where it keeps track of your rankings, website traffic, backlinks, conversions, and everything.

The beauty of this product is that your customers can check out this dashboard in real-time, every moment from their phone, from their computer, from their tablet, and you’re going to showcase this software with their website in it.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to add their website, and you can create a dashboard where it shows their rankings, their website traffic, which is integrated with Google analytics, the backlinks, and the site audits. So what’s wrong with the website.

Now, this is a sample website. Once you click on Google rankings, you can basically see all of their rankings, positions, their monthly volume, and one of the big things that a lot of SEOs don’t focus on is conversion. In this software, you’ve got a lot of stuff.

You got SEO rank tracking, competition site audit, and then you have the analytics module, which is basically an API integrated with Google analytics.

What I usually do is I click on conversions, and then I create conversions for their company. How can you create a conversion?

You need to make sure that your customer has a thank you page. A thank you page is a page where someone lands on after they fill in a form or they purchase a product that becomes a lead or a sale, and you want to be able to measure that.

One of the things Google analytics makes sure that you can track your sales or your leads, and you can showcase this in agency analytics. Now you can showcase them, Hey, you got ten leads this month from Google organic traffic.

This is also possible with Google analytics itself. The beauty of agency analytics is it’s like a collective of rankings and traffic and everything in one dashboard. Business owners love tangibility. They love to see numbers and data that actually don’t bullshit them. Okay? So that’s where it starts.

So the agency analytics, you can just buy it, it’s a monthly fee, and then you can just use your own logo. So it’s the completely white label so your customer wouldn’t even see if it’s agency analytics. No, it’s your brand, your business.

Another way to showcase someone, the potential of their business, is by using SEMrush. And with SEMrush, you can basically fill in any domain.

So let me just fill in a domain like, so let’s say this is your client, and you want to showcase what kind of keywords they’re missing out on.

What I would basically do is not only look at their site, I would look at their competitors. So, for example, let’s say your client is a news website, and one of their biggest competitors is CNN.

What I would do is I will look on CNN. I would see what they rank for and what their monthly searches are, and then I’m going to showcase to my client, “Hey, look at these keywords. Look at your competition dominating these keywords.”

This works for any type of website, any type of niche. If your customer has competitors, their top five competitors, check out their keywords, check out where their rankings are, and showcase that to the clients, so they actually feel the pain and the need to be on the first page too.

It’s an emotional thing. So it’s not only tangibility and to believe in what you’re selling, but it’s also the emotion of fear of missing out, right?
So those are the two things you need to do to sell your SEO services.

I’m telling you, if you’re able to bring tangibility into your services, you’re going to have an easier time to sell your SEO services because that’s what I’m doing, and it works like a charm.

Since you’re an SEO and you’re looking to sell, I have an affiliate program for, where you can just join and promote our link building services, our domain, our website services, and link detox packages.

So what you do is you simply sell the client or sell the leads on SEO the way I taught you, and do you just send them to us with your special affiliate link. You simply make money off of that.

All you have to do is just go here, apply now, and fill in your information and join our affiliate program and then you’ll get a link, and you’ll be able to make up to 10% referral rate off of our services.

So I hope this video really taught you something, even if you don’t join the affiliate program, use the strategies I showed you and that’s it.

Tangibility is number one — number two, emotion.

If you have any questions or you need any feedback, leave a comment below this video, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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