3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate

Hey, Patrick Babakhanian here from serpchampion.com, and in this video, I’m going to teach you three simple ways to increase your click-through rate.

Now by increasing your click-through rate, you’re able to increase your rankings, traffic, and even affiliate sales or your lead generation.

Now for that to happen, we’re going to look at one example website that I have, which is an affiliate site, and you can use this for any site you want.

Now it all starts with one thing, and it’s the meta-description. So the meta description is the description on Google, which I’m selecting right now. Now a lot of SEOs use the meta description just to include their content and have filler content.

So they’re not really compelling the searcher to click on their link, and that’s the main purpose of having a meta description. You want to have a compelling copy, a compelling type of content that makes them click on your link.

And by doing that, by getting a bigger or a higher click-through rate, you’re showing Google that your listing is quality enough and compelling enough to get clicked on, which means they’re going to rank you higher in Google.

Now obviously, that goes combined with your on-page SEO factors like bounce rate and all these other types of ranking factors. But CTR is a very good indicator of how quality you’re listing it.

So we’re going to look at the meta-description. Now, I’m going to use this website, and for this website, I’m using an SEO tool called Project Supremacy. It’s like an all in one SEO or a Yoast SEO plugin, but they have a ton of extra features.

If you’re looking for a free tool, just go and get all in one SEO or Yoast SEO. I personally like Project Supremacy because they have a ton of features, which makes it super easy for me to add Schema to add social.

So basically, I can show on Facebook a certain image or description. So it’s very, very handy. So for this example, we’re going to use Project Supremacy, and as you can see, I already typed a meta-description, “Struggling to find a quality amplifier?

Here’s your chance to discover real quality sound with the Polk audio D 5,000 amp.” Now that sounds a lot more compelling than, “Click here to read this article about Polk audio, D 5,000.”

Now, there are a ton of ways to improve this piece of copy. This is very, very basic. But what you can do is you can download a copywriting swipe file like this one, which is, I found this song Google.

And I’m looking for emotional words and power words that entice someone to click and read my content, right? So there are a ton of swipe files, tons of sentences, words that you can mix in, and make it your own.

You don’t have to copy and paste this literally, but you can use certain texts and make it your own. Whatever makes sense for that meta-description. So all you have to do is type in Google, copywriting swipe file, and it’s a foul of tons of copywriting text, tons of words, powerful words, and I can show you and powerful emotional words copy.

And there are a ton of basically PDFs and articles as you can see here.
So I’m using certain emotional words in my meta description just to entice the person to click on my listing and read the content.

And only by doing that, I’m able to increase my CTR. So that’s my first tip. As you can see here, I already started doing that.

And the second thing I would do for your listing on Google is I would install Schema and have a rating system here. Now, it’s hard if you don’t have any reviews.

So if you don’t have any reviews, then I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re promoting an Amazon product, just like simply go to Amazon and look at a certain product that you want to promote.

So let’s say I want to promote this product, and you can see they have 26 verified reviews, right? I would get these 26 customer reviews and put them into Schema.

So you have free plugins for this obviously, but I’m using Project Supremacy. All you have to do is go here, article, and then you can say rating count and give it a five rating, just like how it says on Amazon. So you’re not bullshitting anyone.

It’s real reviews from the Amazon account. And then boom, all you have is a listing on Google with a compelling meta description and also the Schema rating system, which will make you stand out from your competition.

That alone will increase your CTR by a lot. So I highly, recommend doing that for each site, for each page you have on your site.

Make sure your meta description has the emotional and power words included, entice the reader to click on your link, and add the Schema rating system if that applies to your project or your site.

So that’s the first way, the meta description.

The second way is the actual content on your site. Now, here’s an example of an article for a product.

And what I have here is the page. So what do I do with the article? So one of the first things I do is add a table of contents. This is purely for keeping an overview of the article.

People can easily click around. It makes it super easy for them to browse through the article and check out the information they want to see.
So that’s what I would include. There’s a plugin called Easy Table of Contents, and it’s really easy to use. So all you have to do is go to an easy table of contents, download this plugin, and it will create the table of contents on every page you need or posts you need.

And it will show up like this. So that’s one of the things I would work on, is get a table of contents and make sure your article is nicely formatted with sub-headlines. So, that’s one.

Two, what I would do is I would add these boxes. Now, there are free ways to do this. You could do this with HTML and CSS, but I’m using a plugin called AAWP. And what it does is it makes these boxes for you.

And what you have to do here is you need to make sure that the affiliate link right here stands out from the rest of the content.

So what I do, even if you don’t have this table and you have a call to action button, give it a color that doesn’t display on the website itself. So I use the color green because it stands out, and this whole website doesn’t use the color green.

So, that’s one of the first things I would do. And two, I would change the copy from something like learn more to click here for the best deals on Amazon or make it a compelling call to action.

Now, this is a quick example. This might not be the best call to action text, but it’s more compelling than learning more or read more what most people do.

And one of the third things I would do is I wouldn’t mention the price of the product. If people want to see the price, they’ll click on the link, and it will take them to Amazon.

They can read the reviews, read the description. And the conversion rate on Amazon is a lot higher. Amazon is good at selling the product because they have all the specs; they show the reviews.

So the main purpose of this whole article is getting the click, getting the affiliate click so they can go to Amazon, and Amazon will do its work to convert your traffic into commission sales.

So this is also the second click-through rate you have to increase on your site itself. So A, the click-through rate of your meta description and B, the click-through rate of your affiliate links. But obviously, there could be links that link out to a lead form for your clients.

If you have like a paper lead client, you want them to have the most leads. This could be applied to that market for that business as well.
Those are the two ways. Now, the third way is relevant for people that have affiliate sites already and are already generating traffic.

The more traffic they generate, the better and the easier this is going to work. And it’s super simple. It’s called A/B Split Testing and Heap Mapping. And there are tools out there that let you do that. I use a tool called fi-WO.

And they do A/B split testing and heap mapping, and they have a 30-day free trial. So if you don’t want to pay anything for the first 30 days, that’s fine. Just use it, test it, because, within those 30 days, you could already get valuable data on what makes people click on the call to action button.

So one of the first things I would test if I have some traffic is I would split test the call to action. What I would do is I would split the test between two texts. So instead of click here for the best deals on Amazon, I would test the best deals on Amazon.

And you could just keep doing that for 30 days, collect the data and see what people click on the most. That’s also a great way to increase your click-through rate.

Now I’m going to link out to a resource that talks more about VVO and how to use it. I’m not going to explain how to use VVO, but I am going to link you out to a resource that teaches you how to do it, how to split test and how to create heap maps.

So those are the three ways, the meta description, the call to action buttons and split testing that increases your CTR.

Now obviously there are a zillion ways to increase CTR, but these are my three simple ways to do it right now, today, anyone can do it. I just wanted to show you how I do it in a very simple manner.

Now, if you have any further questions about what I just did, just a reply below the video or send me an email on Patrick@serpchampion.com and I’ll be happy to help you out with any questions that you have or concerns to basically create a better online business, how to increase your CTR traffic and sales.

Thanks for watching this video. And until next time. SE

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