How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Rank Your Site?


How many backlinks do you need to rank your site? Patrick Babakhanian here from

Very excited for you to tune in and check out our new video on SERPchampion TV. I get this question all the time, and it’s like, “You don’t have an answer for me, Patrick, then I don’t trust you.”

Trust me. It’s not that simple. It’s not based on, “I checked your website. You need 21 backlinks from this source and 27 backlinks from that source.” It doesn’t work that way because Google is more complex than that.

The algorithm is more complicated than that. You have two factors, right? So you have the on-page part, so that’s your website.

Your website needs to be optimized properly for the keywords you’re targeting, and that’s not only including keywords in your content and your title and meta description and even in your permalink because even then, but you also don’t want to overdo it.

But you also don’t want to under optimizing yourself, so you’re not using your keywords enough, but it doesn’t stop there because you also have a user experience.

You have a bounce rate. How long do people stay on your site, right? And clicking and browsing through different pages of your site.

So all of these factors of your website have their values, right? And they also have their credibility with Google. That’s only the one part, we’re not even talking about backlinks, but I am saying if your value, if your credibility of your on-page is super great and your user experience is super great, and by the way, how can you tell that?

Low bounce rate, long dwell time, people that browse through multiple pages and keep reading your content, that’s good user experience. So that’s all measurable.

So if you have that right, you don’t need as many links as a mediocre site, as a site that’s kind of poorly designed and poorly optimized, right? So then you need way fewer links than a shitty ass website would.

So it’s really hard. So it starts with your website first. If you get that right, then you look at the link building, the most you can do to figure out how many links you need is to look at your competitors.

So you’re going to look at your top three competitors, right and for every keyword, and you’re going to look at their homepage, their inner pages, check how many backlinks they have in total. And not only look at the quantity but also look at the quality of the backlinks.

I just want to show you a quick example of what it takes to rank your site and giving you a better understanding of how many backlinks you need. How much work does it involve?

Is it even that simple or complex? I’m just going to show you, so you just get a better understanding.

So before I do that, I just want to show you how many times people look for an answer to this question on Google. I mean, in my personal experience, I get a ton of questions. Every single day I get the same question.

These are mainly beginning SEOs because they don’t understand the concept as much, but this could also be SEO staff, been ranking sites for a few years already.

They always wonder how many backlinks do I need? So just to give you a quick glimpse of what happens in Google? People search for this. For such a long-tail keyword, they still search for it.

So you got so many variations, right? How many backlinks do I need? Backlinks required; I need backlinks. So how many links does my site have? So it’s a big concept. How many backlinks do I need to rank my site?

Right? So in this video, again, I’m going to tell you it’s not that simple. You can’t just say you need 50 links; you need 20 links. So what I did was I literally just went on Google and typed in best hoverboard reviews, and I came to two websites, number one and position number two, right? So number one is

So they’re ranking for a lot of keywords, which is great, right? So I checked their backlinks, and if you can go to the inner page, like what I just did, you go to the inner page, you look at the backlinks, okay? You got 67 backlinks from 18 referring domains.

Their anchor text profile is this, so you can always check that out, right? So number two has also links to the inner page. Fifty-eight backlinks from 31 referring domain, so it’s slightly less than this one.

Obviously, it doesn’t stop here because it’s not really about quantity. It’s also about the quality of these backlinks, right? So 67 from 18 and 58 from 31. You can check the anchor text profile if you want.

Check how they do it. Now here’s the thing, you can’t just look at the backlinks because it starts with the website first. Websites that have a better user experience, lower bounce rate, get rewarded quicker, so they need fewer backlinks to rank their pages, right?

So let’s just go on, and you can see their website right here. And the first look I get is, it looks trustworthy.

It looks like a good place to get solid information about what I’m trying to get at and the information I need. It’s in here. They got a table of contents. So navigationally, it’s really well, properly optimized.

They got images, sub-headlines, and it really looks good. So you can already imagine the bounce rate of this site, the user experience, the dwell time, people staying on your site, and browsing through different pages.

So, for example, this site will need fewer links to this exact page to rank, right? And what you can also do is, you can always check out the keyword, hoverboard.

They use it nine times, which isn’t much at all. Actually, it’s 40 times. So let’s look at number two. So when we look at number two, it says the top 10 best budget. This site looks like a budget site, ironically. So it does look less trustworthy.

It looks like the bounce rate is a lot higher than this one, right? So this site needs more links to rank for best hoverboard reviews because they’re not scoring well with Google because it doesn’t look trustworthy.

There is no user experience. A hoverboard is mentioned 134 times. So that really lowers the quality of the content because it’s keyboard stuffed, it’s stuffed with keywords, it doesn’t look trustworthy. The bounce rate is high.

So instead of this site, this page getting five links, this site might need 15 links to push the site up. Right? So the whole concept of how many backlinks do I need to rank my site changes completely when your site, your user experience, your proper keyword densities are correctly optimized.

So like I said, you can’t give an exact number to links. And it’s also about the homepage link, so when you look at is a way bigger site, so they have 160,000 links to so many pages to their site.

And the top 10 Best Budget has a lot less of 577, which is very low compared to this.
So yeah, this site does have a lot more links because they also have a lot more content. But like I said, you can’t just look at the inner page and look at their backlinks.

You also need to look at the homepage just to get an indication. And obviously, It’s not about quantity alone; it’s also about quality. So DR, UR, you can already check the type of quality of the links and also look at the external link, outbound links, on that page.

Obviously, the lower, the more quality it is. For example, this link is very, very valuable because it has a DR 51, and they only have ten links on their page. So it’s a lot more valuable than a link from this page because it has over a hundred links, outbound links, so that diminishes the link power of that link.

So like I said, it goes much further than just quantity based. It doesn’t really answer your question if you’re like, “How many backlinks do I need to rank my site?” There’s no answer to it; there is no answer for it.

So I wanted to show you this, give you a better understanding and open your eyes just so you can realize, “Hey, it’s not how it works.

This is how it works.” That’s kind of an indication, how many backlinks you need, but it’s not a guarantee. In fact, it doesn’t work that way. So my answer to how many backlinks do you need is, first of all, fix your site, make sure your bounce rate is low.

Make sure people browse through different pages of your site by setting up silo structures, by interlinking pages with each other. The content needs to be relevant, so you’ve got to link out to that and then make sure it has a nice design, a trustworthy design, with a nice user experience feeling.

That’s the first step. You got to get that done. Once you have that, look at your competitors, your top three competitors, how many backlinks do they have, what’s the quality of the backlinks, and then make a game plan. At the end of the day, my answer is to build links until you rank your site, and it’s an anticipation game. I hope this video really clarified and opened your eyes when it comes to how many links you need to rank, and if you have any questions, just contact me on

I’ll get back to you with some advice, with free insights, tips, and tricks. Whatever you need, just send us a message, and our team or I personally will respond to your email, and we’ll go from there.

Thank you for watching this video, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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