Rank Your Sites Successfully with Our Results-Driven 5-Phase SEO Blueprint

We do not offer you one piece of the puzzle. We provide you all of it to rank your websites in the SERPs successfully. This simple form reveals the pain points and growth opportunities for your SEO campaigns.

before we begin, we need to go through the 5 phases.

The Technical SEO

A critical phase of the whole puzzle. Is Google indexing your pages properly? Or are technical SEO errors making it too hard for Google to rank your pages? 

Almost every website faces these issues, and it is holding them back from reaching their potential. 

technical SEO audit

On-Page SEO & Keyword Discovery

Which keywords are you going to target? And are the keywords you’re targeting worth your investment? It is not as easy as choosing a keyword and creating an article around it anymore.

This phase requires proper research, ROI calculation, and a spark of creativity.

Authority Link building

Did you know that over 90% of sites get no traffic from Google? And do you know how to be in the other 10%?

It would be best if you had backlinks from great websites in your market. Finding great sites for links can be quite a challenge. 

Define Your Content Strategy

You heard it enough. You need to write “great content”! But what’s great content? It must cover all the sub-categories of your main topic based on real facts and sources.

It doesn’t have to be content that becomes viral. It needs to be credible, trustworthy, and accurate.

Monthly Maintenance

SEO is not a one-trick pony strategy. It requires a consistent effort to put the above strategies to work every single month. That is, if you want to compete in your market or else you will get left off. 

It is important to decide if you want to invest long-term in your business if you wish to scale your agency or grow your business.

We Work With teams of all sizes

Digital Marketing Agencies

digital agency

Offload the workload, and focus on scaling your business while delivering results to your client.

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We offer you the knowledge, tools and services to bring your company’s name at the top of Google.

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Rankings are cool, but how about sales and ROI? We’ll put our eCom hat on, and help you increase your sales.

What We can offer to you

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Use our campaign management platform that will help you launch SEO campaigns with a few easy clicks.


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Advice & Insights

Manage your SEO campaigns like a true professional, and never lose oversight of your progress. 


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SEO Services

Use our top-rated guest posts and on-page services for each SEO campaign and gain results in the SERPs.

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