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We help you build authority, in-content backlinks through manual blogger outreach.

Here’s What We Offer

We provide a done-for-you guest posting service to get contextual backlinks for your site. From launching effective blogger outreach campaigns to known bloggers in your niche to publishing guest posts on authority websites. We do everything from A to Z and we don’t stop until we acquire quality posts for your website!

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Real Outreach. Real Backlinks.

Let’s be honest; we’re not the only guest post providers in the industry. However, we are one of the fewer companies that do 100% genuine outreach to get quality guest post publications. As a result, our guest posts gain natural social signals and backlinks over time.

You don’t have to “trick” Google into believing that your links are quality enough. They simply are quality.

How It Works

Choose Link Package

You choose your preferred high DA guest from our packages here. Rest assured, we will only place contextual links on genuine sites that generate real visitors and social engagement.

We Do The "Hard Work"

Sit back, and relax while we start an outreach campaign for you. We will get in contact with bloggers that are active in your particular niche.

You Reap The Benefits!

You will receive a report with your guest posts & backlinks within 30 business days. It’s simple. We do the heavy lifting and you acquire the best type of backlinks you can get.

Plans & Pricing: Choose Your Preferred Package! 
  • Amount
  • Domain Authority
  • Referring Domains
  • High-Quality Content
  • Permanent Link
  • Contextual Link
  • Link Report
  • Turnaround Time
  • 1 Niche Edit Link
  • DA20 - DA50
  • Up to RD100+
  • Existing Article
  • 10 - 20 Business Days
Most Popular
  • 1 Guest Post
  • DA20 - DA29
  • Up to RD200+
  • 500 - 750 Words
  • 20 - 30 Business Days
  • 1 Guest Post
  • DA30 - DA39
  • Up to 300+
  • 500 - 750 Words
  • 20 - 30 Business Days

Do you have questions about our service? Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.


100% Manual Outreach

Our blogger outreach service is 100% genuine, as we manually outreach specifically for your niche. We do not own any of the blogs we publish our links on.

Niche-Relevant Backlinks

The more niche relevant backlinks you receive, the higher you will rank in Google. We’ve got you covered.

Influencer Marketing

Increase your brand awareness, authority, and credibility with our guest post service. You will receive links from top bloggers & influencers in your market.

High-Quality Content

The secret for getting the best backlinks? Write valuable and engaging content that deserves to be shared online. We don’t only build links, but we earn you backlinks from our talented team of writers.

High Domain Authority

You will receive links from high authority websites. This ranges between DA20 up to DA50+, depending on the package you choose.

Referral Traffic

We’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone with our guest post service. We’re building links and also sending more targeted traffic to your website.

Real Rankings From Our Safe, Natural & Powerful Guest Posts!

Case Study #1: This Automotive Site Is Simply Dominating In The Industry.

Client Rankings 1

Case Study #2: Our Restaurant Client Ranks Nationally For High-Volume Keywords!

Client Rankings 1

Case Study #3:  Another Client Achieves SERP Domination With The Consistent Use Of Our Guest Posts.

Client Rankings 1
Live Samples: Our Guest Posts Are So Good That
They Generate Real Social Signals And Backlinks.
Our Happy Customers.
“Hey Patrick just wanted to thank you for the Outreach service you & your team did for me. Got some great links on some quality sites. You promised & you delivered. Thanks again man!” Andrew Marzano

“The link they provided was top notch! Placed on a very strong domain with way above average metrics. Traffic stats are also decent and since niche relevance is high I know I can expect few sales here and there from referral traffic alone. And that’s just a single link!” Tibor Szalay

“I used SERPchampion’s outreach link building service and was delivered a nice DA 35, TF 27 link on a niche relevant site in a short turnaround time. Overall I’m very pleased with the results and a nice bump in rankings I received. I will definitely use them again.” Shawn Mac Gavin

“Cost is a little more but the quality follows. Good metrics, low OBL was perhaps to be expected from a high-quality provider but….the attention to detail struck a chord with me.” Mark Stevens

blogger outreach guarantee
SERPchampion also goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect you, and your investment in our blogger outreach service.

If for some reason we’re unable to place the link you want, you will get a full refund for that link. No excuses, no questions asked. We are fully committed to your success, and your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the turnaround time?
Outreach link building involves two or more parties. As such, turnaround times can range depending upon the site we’re working with. Some sites may have a 30-day publication time while others may publish posts within a few weeks.

We strive to get your links placed, and at least “pending” within 30 days of your order being placed. We can also process multiple links at the same time, and deliver them within 30 days. This makes the link building process more efficient, and effective for you in the long run.

What anchor text should I use with this service?
We recommend using your URL or Brand name as the anchor text to establish authority, trust, and a natural link profile. If you want to rank long-term, then brand linking is your best option.

Google has been strict on aggressive keyword anchor use, and it is very easy to get penalized nowadays by repeating keyword anchor text. We can also assist you with anchor text selection after purchase. Click here to watch a video on how to choose your anchor text

Can I order guest posts on sites of choice?
Yes. If you have a wish list of sites that you would like to be featured on, please contact us for a custom quote.
I'm a beginner! Will I get extra assistance when I order a link package?
Absolutely. You can use our services with confidence as a beginner. We will provide additional support if needed. You will also have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential.

Do you want to access the training now?

Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.

How many links do I need to rank my website?
We get this question a lot, and our answer stays the same. There is no specific number of backlinks you need to rank your site. Each SEO campaign is different. Many factors influence your site’s ranking time like keyword competition, on-page optimization, quality of your links and the speed of your link building. SEO is an anticipation game, where you need to act and react to the ranking effects.

Some websites need 10 links to rank; other sites need more than 30 links to rank an individual page. The only way to find out how many links you need to rank is to start sending links to your site until it’s ranking. It’s as simple as that.

There is no way to predict how many links you need to rank your site. Our advice is to start with sending 5 to 10 links per month for ranking effects until you’re ranking on page #1.

Which link package do you recommend for my site?
If you are starting from scratch, we recommend building between 3 to 5 links per month to establish authority for your site. You will need to build trust first before you rank on page #1.

If your site is older than 6 months and you have already created a good amount of links, we recommend sending between 7 to 15 links per month for ranking improvements. We will make sure that your links are placed as random and natural as possible. Click here to discover how and when to build links to your site.

Do you accept Adult or Gambling Websites?
We are currently not accepting adult, gambling, payday loans, or foreign language sites. All other niches are acceptable.
Will I get SEO training after I purchase your package?
You will have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential. Do you want to access the training now?

Click here to register your account & go to the SEO training section in the Members Area.

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