You want your website to rank for keywords. You don’t want one or two keywords but “tons.” Traffic and page one rankings… The Dream!

Why Backlinks?

When you started with SEO you read online and thought social signals were the big deal. Yeah, we all remember that talk. Backlinks are dead was the major headline everywhere you looked.

Quora Backlinks Dead

The reality of SEO today is that backlinks are the biggest ranking factor.

That is only part of the truth. Content and Backlinks are the two biggest ranking factors.

Backlinks without content on your site will get you 80% of the way there. That means you can get on the front page. You can not get the coveted number one position without backlinks though.

Let’s Look At The Facts About Backlinks

  • March 2016: Google Senior Search Quality Strategist Andrey Lipattsev talks about ranking factors. (The full quote is: “Yes; I can tell you what they [the number 1 and 2 ranking factors] are. It’s content, and links pointing to your site.”)
  • April 2014: Matt Cutts confirms that Google tested search engines without backlinks. They found that the search results were not as good.
  • October 2016: Gary Illyes implies that text links are valuable. He downplays Domain Authority.

It is safe to say that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors.


Do you want your website to rank at the top of Google? Or are you happy with the first page?

What Type Of Links Matter?

This post about Google’s 9 Most Important Ranking Factors tells the story. Here are the breakdowns from that article: 

1. Number of backlinks and linking domains (18%)

2. Link authority (14%)

3. Link anchor text and its diversity (9%)

4. Content relevance (19%)

5. Content length (3%)

6. Click-through rate (11%)

7. Social signals (7%)

8. Mobile friendliness (12%)

9. Page speed (7%)

Brad Pitt - Link Club

Ranking Number 1 Takes?

SEO is not a game. It is fun if you make it fun. Finding the 20% that matters is how you start to make it fun.

The 20% that matters:

You need a fast loading site that is mobile friendly.

You need great content that has semantic keywords in it.

The post on your site need to be longer and thorough.


You need high authority backlinks pointing to your site.

You need the backlinks from authority domains.

You need a diverse set of anchor text.

We established that the most important factor are backlinks. They make up almost half of the ranking factors total percentage.

Gaining high authority backlinks are not as hard as you may think. They take work and well thought out ideas.

What Bloggers Know That “SEOs” Don’t

Bloggers figured out ages ago that gaining an audience is the key metric to online marketing. For some reason, most SEOs want to avoid that one fact.

An audience will follow you around and share your message. They will read your post. Your audience will like and share your social shares.

Why Does Having An Audience Matter?

Google does not have a human reading your content or looking at your site. It is more Artificial Intelligence now than it has ever been.

When the A.I. looks at your website it will look at how did you get the links you have. That one ranking factor is not talked about. It is why social signals are being talked about so much.

Social signals are being faked because Google works off of emulation. They have seen popularity. They see the data behind it. Popular sites get backlinks because of the content on the site. That content spreads and people link to tell others about it.

Think like people do. If your social signals are coming from the same group of people then they are a fan. You need 1,000 true fans to make a difference in your SEO, website, and rankings.

Bloggers figured this out. They went on guest posting sprees. They figured out that when you guest post you gain a few fans. The more you guest post then the more fans you gain. At some point, a “snowball” effect happens.

How To Get Links and Make Google Happy

Stop thinking about gettings links. Make content that people love and links will happen. This is what Google has said for years. It is near impossible. 

How do you ever get a link if no one ever sees your content?

That is the mystery behind the bad advice that Google has given every business owner turned SEO. Those that followed Google’s advice would at some point or another stop trusting them. What they are saying is not working.

The missing piece of the Google Advice is this:

Links come from shared amazing content. What is amazing content? Epic? All these words do not describe the simple fact that people share based on trust.

You build trust when people see you on sites they already trust. That is the same place your backlink is. See how that works?

Neil Patel followed the blogger’s dream. He wrote every where. He had links from every site that would accept a guest post. So how do you start that?

You have to get something published somewhere. Chicken or the egg comes to mind. You need to write but no one accepts first-time posters.

You have to learn how to craft something so good that they will accept it… Even if it is your first post on your own site.

Make sure your website has a great design as well. They will look and no one trusts a “spammy” looking site.

So What Am I Telling You… Exactly?

Let me sum this up and jump to the real point…


So by now, you figured out that you are going to have to write something. You are going to have to bow to the fact that “content is king.”

Let’s take this a step further.

Your website is the first impression anyone has of you and whatever you are selling. If you are in that website for a short term buck then you can fake a lot of the key elements and just profit. It will not last long though.

If you want long term growth then you will want to brand yourself. The best way to do that online is to reach other peoples audience by guest posting. Write and post every where you can.

How To Automate This Process

The real power behind writing is simple. Great ideas spread fast. If you are the person behind the idea you want the credit. That’s it.

If you are thinking that I am going to tell you hire a ghost then you don’t get it. Ghost writers don’t share your ideas…

If you want to automate this process then you need to hire a firm. You need post on your site, you need OnPage SEO, and you need ideas. Those are all important when trying to rank. You need someone that monitors all the elements.

If you want to hire a writer then have the writer actually write and “live” on your blog. You want the face of a brand. That is what you truly need.

Modeling Below the Surface

Automating content marketing comes from firms that can work the process completely. They create concepts then do research. They then make drafts and add citations and links in them. Then an editor looks over everything and makes changes. Then it goes to a copywriter and graphics person.

That process costs a lot of money and time. It is the exact process that large media publications are using every day.

What You Can Automate

Automate the research. Have 20 topics (think titles) a week researched in depth. Hire the researcher on Upwork. Have the research put into bullet points like a presentation. Have all the links categorized so they are easy to see subject matter

You start the research process by aiming the keywords you want to rank for. Then look for a cool headline around them. Headline Swipe files are available all over the internet. Coanalyzer has a cool tool you can use as well. Then ship that to your researcher.

Armed with the research and headlines almost anyone can write you epic content. You are not buying $40 dollar articles any longer. That crap sprayed all over the internet doesn’t work. This isn’t web 2.0 or a GSA blast. These are legit real editors going to read you content. Oh I didn’t tell you that? You are going to guest post for links.

NOW WHAT? I Have Content… Good Content!

Now look at that content and insert your ideas. Make small precise incisions into the content to have your voice in the article. Make sure the ideas align with your message.

Now prepare an author bio and get ready to find blogs.

Now you go pitch blogs. There are a lot of blogs that accept guest post. There are even more people that can teach you to write and pitch blogs.

If this is your first guest post then find blogs that are easy to write for. These blogs don’t want huge guest post that are  super detailed. These blogs want more “motivational” style content.

Use Ninja Outreach or some other “blog” finding tool to find blogs that are accepting guest post. Go to twitter and other social media platforms and use these queries:

  • “guest post”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “writers needed”
  • “blog for us”
  • “write for us”

You still have to pitch them. They have to say yes.

How To Pitch A Blog To Guest Post

The worst thing you can do is to send out 1,000’s of emails and hope. You want to personalize and actually read where you are going to post at.

You should read the websites guest post guidelines. They will tell you if you should pitch a post or a title. This is a big point. Many times without looking you will not know.

You should start by looking for blogs that are easier to write for. Here is an example:

Addicted2Success Blog | About | Contact | Guidelines | Popular
Addicted2Success was founded by Australian entrepreneur Joel Brown who has a long time passion for entrepreneurship, self-development & success.

This website is intended to educate and inspire likeminded people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances.

Blogger: Joel Brown

Email: Write[@]

Blogs like this are a great place to start getting published. Once you have credibility as a writer you can grow how many places you write very fast.

I made a spreadsheet of everywhere that were accepting post and put the major links in there. See the example above. I would keep that spreadsheet updated.

You can hire the researcher to do this step as well but I would do it myself first a few times. Doing it yourself will teach you what you want and make it where you can train your staff.

Once you get your first post up you will want to promote it.

Why Do I Have To Promote Posts?

If you are a new writer then you do not have a huge audience. Think about it. When a “famous” blogger post something they have all their “fans” read it. You don’t have that.

Trending on GrowthHackers

Go to StumbleUpon and a few cheaper sources for traffic and buy some traffic to the post. Post the link on Reddit and get some upvotes to get traffic that way. Post the link on your social media. Post the link in groups that have people interested in the subject.

I have even spent money on Google PPC when I first started writing on Search Engine Journal. I dropped the link in every Google Plus Group with SEO or Bloggers in it.

I looked for groups with similar content and asked for feedback and then dropped the link. Asking for feedback gets more people to want to “help” and so they read it.

I wanted eyeballs on the post itself. That was my main goal.

I knew that if I brought a spike in traffic then I can get accepted back to post again. That was my goal.

Once I posted my first post it was addictive.

I started posting everywhere I could. Now I post on three to four sites a week including my own.

How Do I Hire Someone Else To Do This?

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