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So yesterday, I dropped a video about how to choose the right anchor text for your backlinks, and I got a lot of positive responses, so it fired me up to do another one.

So for this video, I want to show you how to get the most value out of your PBNs because you invest in PBNs, and it’s not cheap. So how do you get the most value out of them?

The way it works is you’re looking for expired inner pages web and high PA and DA. So I’m going to show you two ways how to find these pages. It’s the free way and the paid way.

So the free way is a little bit more time-consuming. You’re going to use this link right here, and all you have to change is your domain name. I’m going to post this link below the video so you can copy-paste it.

What I did was I looked for inner pages for this domain. You can see a lot of URLs right here that we would never find with just the homepage, right, because you only want to focus on the homepage with the PBN. That’s not the right way right no
The best ways to build out inner pages and take advantage of it and copy this whole list. Now you can put it in Excel, right?

Just copy-paste. All you have to do is press control H, replace all.
It will clean up the links, and then you copy these links, and then you use a tool like SEO Weather.

You copy-paste them here, and it will look for the DA and PA of these inner pages.

What’s next?

What if this URL has a DA 16. You want to recreate it, download this plugin, custom permalinks, and then you’re able to recreate this URL with the PHP.

The next thing you could do is create a redirection, so you might want to redirect these URLs to your new URL. So that’s the free way, really easy, time-consuming, but easy.

The second way is the paid way, and for that, I’m using, and I can skip that whole process of what I just did and go to pages, best bylines.

Measure the UR and DR, and then you can recreate it again or use the redirection. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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