Case Study: How This eCommerce Client Reached $39,435 in Net Profit In 11 Months [Get The Exact Strategy Inside]


Organic Traffic: 7,123 monthly visitors
Position 1-3 Rankings: 481
Position 4-10 Rankings: 644


Organic Traffic: 30,180 monthly visitors
Position 1-3 Rankings: 2,246
Position 4-10 Rankings: 1,625
Total Investment: $13,842
Return on Investment: $39,435 (285%)


This eCommerce client started working with us on the 17th of April 2019. In April, their organic traffic was 7,123 visitors per month. This client’s main objective was to increase their organic traffic and sales. We advised the client with SEO, where we will build quality backlinks and on-page optimization. 

This client started to order our guest post packages but waited with the on-page optimization. Their organic traffic increased steadily every month. In the 7th month of working together, we convinced this client to use our on-page SEO service to improve their website. 

After the on-page optimization was complete, they experienced rapid growth in the search engines. Most of the increase was accomplished in the last three months. In February 2020, the organic traffic and sales are the highest compared to previous months.

They went from 7,123 visitors in April 2019 to 30,180 organic visitors per month at the end of February 20. So far, they invested $13,842 in SEO and have an additional net profit of $39,435 (ROI 285%). 

Currently, they are spending $1,000 per month to maintain this position, which is making them an additional net profit of $12,000 a month. We expect an increase in the ROI in the coming months.

  • Start Date

April 17th, 2019.

  • Strategies Used In This Case Study
  • Finding new keyword opportunities 
  • Keyword density optimization (25 pages)
  • Page interlinking 
  • Content creation
  • Correcting technical SEO errors (25 pages)
  • Linkbuilding (58 guest posts to 7 pages)

Graph Summary

  • Key Points of this Campaign
  • Start with on-page optimization before link building.
  • Always invest in links, on-page SEO and new content. Consistency is key.
  • Build links with natural anchor text and mixed keyword anchor text. Do not repeat the same keywords.
  • 58 guest posts were built to 7 pages.
  • On-Page optimization was used for 25 pages.
  • Services Used In This Case Study

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