What’s in it for you?

 Receive Vetted, Clean & Aged Domains Within 24 hours!

Easily rank multiple websites on demand by building the most powerful & relevant backlinks at will from our domains. You will have the top SEOs #1 weapon at your disposal.

 Use Domains That Will Add Google’s Credibility To Your Websites.

Focus on quality instead of quantity. You don’t need more than 5 domains to boost your rankings quickly. Invest in vetted, spam-free and stable domains that will make SEO 10x easier than ever.

 Rank Quickly With Cost-Efficient & Highly Effective Domains

While your competition is building 50 spammy PBNs, you can buy 15 or 20 from that are just as powerful but clean, stable and efficient.  Which means fewer costs for hosting, content and maintenance.

 Receive Client Support Within 24 Hours!

Receive proper guidance quickly from the SERPchampion team so not only are you going to acquire the tools to crush it in Google, but you’re also going to learn how to turn your SEO campaign into a winner.

 24 Hour Delivery 

We will transfer the domains to your registrar accounts within 1 day! You send us your registrar details, and we’ll push the domains straight into your accounts.

 Bonus: PBN Mastery Course

Learn how to build a stable & durable private blog network in 1 day by downloading our step-by-step video course. It’s important for you to know how to keep your PBNs efficient and well-maintained. This course usually sells for $47, but you’re going to get it for free!

We’re so confident in our service that we’re
willing to take the risk off your shoulders.

If your rankings do not improve after 6 months of using our networks, we will give you your money back, and you will simply return the network to us.

* This guarantee only applies if your website is spam free, has quality backlinks and is well on-page optimized.

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The Bronze


Per Domain

A stable RD20+ domain with age & authority acquired from private and public auctions.

1 to 5+ years
RD: 20 to 30
DA: 19 to 22

The Silver


Per Domain

A high-quality powerhouse domain that will quickly
boost your rankings.

Age: 1 to 10+ years
RD: 30 to 50
DA: 22 to 30

The Gold


Per Domain

The best of the best. You only need a handful of these domains to crush your competition.

Age: 1 to 10+ years
RD: 50 to 100+
DA: 23 to 35

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Here’s why our domains are one of the best in this industry.

16 Competitive Keywords Ranking On Page #1 After 30 Days Of Using Our PBNs!

Our Domains Are Perfect For Competitive Niches And Profitable Highly Searched Keywords!

After 42 days of using our PBNs, one of our client’s sites has QUADRUPLED its traffic and sales 

Even In Local Niches our Domains Dominate The SERPs.

Why so many top marketers love working with us…

We let our clients do the talking for us! Here is what they had to say about their experiences working with us…

I talked to Patrick at SERPchampion about getting the SERPauthority network setup by their team.

I was a bit skeptical at first since using PBNs can be risky enough for your rankings, but Patrick took the time to explain everything and how to keep the blogs as natural as possible and I’m glad I’ve listened to his advice.

They have just set up my three latest sites, and the network looks excellent. Everything is totally safe, compliant and they used different Whois info for each domain. It saved me an enormous amount of time and is well worth the price.

I’ve also seen a good amount of ranking boosts because of the network. Highly recommended!

Derek Amsen, Digital Marketing Consultant

With A SERP Authority Network I’ve Got A #1 Page Ranking…

I turned to SERPchampion to setup a few sites as I didn’t have the time to do them myself, I usually do them myself as I’m quite the perfectionist, and I’m not satisfied with the work that I usually receive from vendors… but needed this batch up.

So I thought I’d outsource them to SERPchampion, and then get back to building them myself. But then I got the order back, saw the page #1 ranking boosts and traffic increases on my site. Then I’ ordered another batch, and saw more ranking improvements.

So now I officially stopped building my network, needless to say, I’m pretty darn impressed with Serpchampions’ SERPauthority networks. (+ they’re built on established domains, which I believe are more powerful and push the juice quicker than scraped, cheap domains).

Tom Benson,  SEO & Web Designer

These Guys Are Hands Down The Best In The Industry…

I was worried that SERPauthority networks would build obvious-looking PBNs with footprints that are easy to crack down by competitors and manual reviewers.

Honestly, SERPchampion is hands down the best website creator in the industry. I called it a “Website Network” instead of PBN because when they’re done crafting your network it doesn’t look NOR feel like a PBN.

They have the look and feel of high-quality websites. The kind of website that can attract visitors. The customer service is excellent. The report you receive is organized, making it easy to read and understand. I will no longer build another network myself. I’m giving that task to SERPchampion, and I highly recommend you do as well.

Melvin Richard, Digital Marketer

We Built A $2,000 Per Day Blog For This Happy Client…

I bought a high-end domain (for $1500) from Patrick as a money site instead of a PBN, and I’m so glad I did it now. I built out a quick website and linked a few PBN’s to it that I bought off Patrick and to my surprise, the site shot straight to page 1.

I’m scared to even to do anything else to this domain right now because it’s banking $2k a day!!! If you are in doubt of buying domains from Patrick, take it from me it’s 100% worth it! – Dave Hoff, Digital Marketer.

How Domain Transfers Work

The domain transfer process usually takes one day. After paying for the domains,  all you have to provide us, are the registrar details of the domains you purchase.

Registrars are companies that register and manage domains, like GoDaddy or Namecheap, which are famous examples.

However, there are many other registrars out there.

We work with relatively few registrars. Transferring a domain inside a registrar, from one account to another, usually is pretty fast and it can take up to 24 hours.

We will email you after purchase to request your domain registrar details.

If you don’t have an account in the relevant registrar, simply follow our given instructions and create an account within 5 minutes.

Once you send us your registrar details, we will transfer the domain into your account within 1 day.

Frequent Asked Questions

Will I gain better rankings with your domains?

Actual ranking improvements depend on your keyword competition, the age of the website, on-page optimization and other sources of links.

Over 90% of our clients have gained better rankings, after using our domains.

What are the metrics of the domains?

We don’t select domains based on metrics, but on their incoming backlinks.

That is what determines the real strength of a domain. Metrics can be misleading and in our experience, lower metrics from expiring domains have more power than higher metrics from expired and scraped domains.

However, you can expect these minimal metrics from all the domains that we deliver:

1. Trust Flow 10 – 20
2. Citation Flow 10 – 20
3. Domain Authority 15 – 20
4. Page Authority 25 – 30
5. Referring Domains 20 to 100+

Are the domains indexed in Google?

The domains that we sell are mostly indexed, so there is no need to reindex them. None of our domains have been fully dropped and re-registered, but they are renewed for another year.

Do I need to register the domains myself?

No, you don’t have to register the premium domains yourself or pay any extra fees. All the domains we sell in the premium marketplace are renewed and paid for one year.

What is the pricing of the domains based on?

The pricing of our domains are based on their cost acquisition from auctions & private marketplaces, the quality of their incoming backlinks, referring domains and the domain’s age.

We do NOT price our domains based on metrics like TF, CF and PA. These metrics do not determine the power of our domains.

When will I receive the domain in my account?

You will receive the domain within 24 hours after purchase. ‘

We will ask for your domain registrar information after checkout. You will redirect to an instructions page, where you can fill in your registrar details. Some domains take up to 72 hours, depending on the registrar.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do! If the domain doesn’t suit you or doesn’t get reindexed, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice.