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SERPchampion Has Been Featured

Buy Domains Without Using Auctions

Buying a domain through Auctions is time-consuming and a tedious task for most people. Now you can skip the auctions and go straight to a guaranteed purchase.

We've done all of the quality checks for you. You will no longer have to go through 1000s of domains to find the best one.

Now you can easily pick and choose the best domains from a filtered list.

The Marketplace
Domain Metrics
Metrics from The Biggest Link Crawlers

Filter through our list with important metrics from Ahrefs and Moz Link Explorer.

You can use custom filters with metrics like Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Referring Domains and more to specify your search for the best suitable domain.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today

Quality Domains

Aged Domains provide history and a solid foundation for your business. These domains come with pre-built links directed to them, which in turn, will take you less time to rank in the SERPs.

Get expiring domains before everybody else — no need to waste your time bidding on auctions.

High Metrics

We guarantee high metrics on every domain you find in our marketplace.

Easy Checkout

Purchase a domain fast and easy through our secure order system.

Quick Transfer

This is a certificate that approves the “https” in front of your domain name, which basically confirms to your audience your site is a secure connection (aka- no spam here folks).

Get your purchased domains transferred
to your registrar account and claim ownership.

Custom Filters

Each site has thousands of words in content already placed. These articles were written with sharable intent, meaning it provides education & entertainment to your audience (motivating the buying process).

Specify your domain search by using our custom filters. It's never been this easy to find a domain.

No Credit Card Required

Work With A Trusted Domain Supplier SERPchampion is endorsed & trusted by SEO industry leaders and 1000s of SEO agencies.

The domains I was sent as examples all looked good and checked out as the type of domains I look for at auction.

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Greg Morrison
OMG Machines

They are now my go to guys for all my domains which are always of the highest of quality and are extremely powerful!

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Matthew Marley

I now buy ALL my new domains using SERPChampion. Don’t be a dummy like I was and end up being ‘penny wise but pound foolish.

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Stefan Fagerholm
Internet Marketer

Really good domains, all the hassle of cross pollinating tools taken out of the mix. Good friendly service, awesome domains. + great helpful service.

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Everhardt Strauss
Search Labs

Got domain well worth the money I spent on it. With great metrics and several good backlinks

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Thomas Hiim

Very high quality, ordered their DFY domain service several times and it is always delivered quickly.

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Christopher LaMorte
Follow The Easy 3-Step Process
Step 0
Become a Member

Sign up to our domain marketplace
and start shopping for domains.

Step 2
Buy Quality Domains

Buy quality, aged domains with
high SEO and money value.

Step 3
Quick Transfer

Get your domains transferred to your registrar account.

No Credit Card Required

100% No-Risk Guarantee

Satisfaction is guaranteed. After giving our product an honest try, and if there are issues with your order, let us know and we'll be happy to give a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About Expired Domains.

What happens after I sign up to the domain marketplace?

You can browse the domain marketplace, and shop for quality domains. Simply browse, add domains to your cart and checkout.

Unlock premium features with the silver or gold package.

What domain metrics can I expect?

You can expect these metrics from all the domains that we list in the marketplace.

Domain Authority (DA): Up to DA30 & higher.

Page Authority (PA): Up to PA35 & higher.

Referring Authority (RD): Up to RD500 & higher.

Domain Rating (DR): Up to DR30 & higher.

Do I need to pay for extra fees or domain registration?

No, you don’t have to register the premium domains yourself or pay any extra fees.

All the domains we sell in the premium marketplace are renewed and paid for one year.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do! If the domain gets deindexed within 30 days of purchase, we will send you a replacement domain of your choice.

SERPchampion is 100% committed to your success, and satisfaction.

Are the expired domains indexed in Google?

Most of the domains we sell are indexed, so there is no need to reindex them. None of our domains have been fully dropped and re-registered, but they are renewed for another year.

How often do you update the marketplace?

The marketplace is daily updated with new, quality domains.

What can I exactly do with expired domains?

Aged domains can be used for multiple reasons.

Here's a summary of how you can leverage domains:

1. You can build your money sites on aged domains, and leverage the SEO value of the domain.

2. You can build a network of sites and place links on your sites for higher rankings

3. You can use aged domains for 301 redirections. Transfer a domain's SEO value to another domain.

4. You can buy and resell domains for profits on marketplaces, like a real estate broker.

How many expired domains do I need for SEO?

There is no specific number of domains you need to rank your site. Each SEO campaign is different. Many factors influence your site’s ranking time, like keyword competition, on-page optimization, quality of your links and the speed of your link building.

SEO is an anticipation game, where you need to act and react to the ranking effects. Some websites need 10 links to rank; other sites need more than 30 links to rank an individual page. The only way to see the number of links you need, is to start sending links to your site until it ranks.

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