Domain Age: Hit Or Miss Strategy For Money Sites?

Here’s the deal:

I’ve been getting a lot of expired domains requests for money sites. It’s tempting to get an aged domain and build your money site on it.


  • An aged domain has great SEO value, and quality backlinks (that you would otherwise spend 1000s of dollars to get them placed).
  • An aged domain is in fact “aged,” and has gained real trust from Google. No need to wait at least 2 – 3 months to increase domain authority.
  • An aged domain can potentially rank faster than newly-registered domains. Why? Because the impact of backlinks increases, once your domain is established as an authority.


  • An aged domain can also hold you from ranking on page 1 due to link irrelevance.
  • An aged domain might have a hidden link penalty, and will only kill your chances of ranking on page 1 in the first place.

Here’s how to get the perfect domain for your money sites.

Step 1: Are you in a super specific niche? Go for a broad niche domain that you can build out.

Example #1: Are you in the cosmetic dental niche? Look for a broad health domain.

Example #2: Are you in the lawnmower niche? Look for a broad Home & Garden domain.

The trick is, to find a broad niche domain that you can always branch out into multiple niche categories.

Step 2: Look for a broad niche domain with a brandable + generic link profile.

Try to avoid domains with a ton of super specific anchor text. The more brandable, the better. Check out the link profile of (It’s a news site from the Netherlands).

Source: Ahrefs Site Explorer

Step 3: Look for a domain that is at least 5 to 15 years old, and not expired or dropped in the past few years.

Tip: go to, insert domain and look for the Registration date. The registration date is the actual “birth” date of the domain.

Source: WhoisDomainTools

Step 4: Last but not least, install a WordPress theme and check Google Webmaster Tools for any manual actions or penalties. Also, see if it’s correctly indexed in Google after a week or so.

Source: Google Webmaster Tools

Source: Google

Bonus Tip: Use Ahref’s Pages best by links feature for expired inner pages and recreate pages with link juice. Then go ahead, and interlink these recreated pages to your home page and relevant “money” pages.

Source: Ahrefs Site Explorer

You can use the custom permalink plugin to recreate the expired inner page URL.

How can I get quality aged domains?

Now, before you start following the steps above, you’re going to need quality brandable domains, right?

There are two ways to find quality domains.

  1. Domain auctions on GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Namebright and more. (The slow route)
  2. From reliable domain vendors. (The fast route)

We’re always looking for brandable, aged domains that follow our criteria.

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