About Us

SERPchampion came from humble beginnings. It was started by an SEO, created for SEOs. The founder, Patrick Babakhanian, started the company because he was fed up working with low-quality SEO providers.

The main reason for launching was because he wanted to help clients scale their SEO without jeopardizing quality.

SERPchampion quickly became a worldwide service, helping thousands of companies scale their SEO campaigns while focusing on their business.

Our Mission

Helping SEO agencies, eCommerce stores & local businesses scale their SEO with success.

Results-Driven SEO

We adapt with the search marketing landscape and we always keep improving our services.

Fast Client Support

Get fast client support with a 24-hour or less response rate by one of our support agents.

Worldwide Reach

We happily work with companies from different countries.

Our Mission


The Launch

SERPchampion started as a link building service by Patrick Babakhanian. It was created to help SEOs get quality links to rank their websites efficiently.


The Partnership

The founder joined forces with his business partner, Rodi Babakhanian to grow the company into a powerhouse. 


The Expansion

Two years later, SERPchampion started to scale and grow into a bigger brand with a blog, SEO training and adding more services. 

The Present

Currently, SERPchampion is working with 1000s of SEO agencies, eCommerce stores & local businesses worldwide.