About: Our Mission & Journey

Our Mission

Helping SEO agencies, eCommerce stores & local businesses scale their SEO with success.

Results-Driven SEO

We adapt with the search marketing landscape and we always keep improving our services.

Fast Client Support

Get fast client support with a 24-hour or less response rate by one of our support agents.

Worldwide Reach

We happily work with companies from different countries.

Our Mission


The Launch

SERPchampion started as a link building service by Patrick Babakhanian. It was created to help SEOs get quality links to rank their websites efficiently.


The Partnership

The founder added a new board of directors to grow the company into a powerhouse. The focus was on acquisitions, further expansion and automation.


The Expansion

Two years later, SERPchampion started to scale and grow into a bigger brand with a blog, SEO training and adding more services. 

The Present

Currently, SERPchampion is working with 100s of SEO agencies, eCommerce stores & local businesses worldwide. 

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