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We help SEO specialists & managers scale their SEO campaigns with confidence. Which includes:

Excellent Customer Service Fast client support with a 24-hour or less response rate.

Cutting Edge SEO Training SEO guidance, delivered in easy-to-follow videos & guides.

SEO Services Results-driven services that help you scale your SEO campaigns.

Our team is remote, highly-responsive, and we genuinely care about your success.

SERPchampion started in 2014 with guest posts and expired domain services and has since grown to reach thousands of SEO agencies and eCommerce businesses worldwide.

Meet the Founder of SERPchampion.com

About The Founder

Patrick Babakhanian
The Founder

Six years ago I was struggling to make decent money at any job I had. Although I was born in my country, I was still treated like an immigrant, because I looked different than the majority.

Thus, landing a job was a challenge in itself. I went from a dishwasher to a shoe salesman and many more in between.

I had two struggles.

1. Keeping a job for more than six months (let's just say I had an issue with authority). Once, I was FIRED within the first 4 hours of being employed. True story, but I'll save that for another time.

2. Making enough money to satisfy my needs and my family's needs.

I was frustrated and felt hopeless. I thought, "well this is my fate, I just have to swallow this pill and move on."

I knew that the majority of the jobs I had, had to do with selling.

I was selling shoes, inventory for groceries (for sale), dishwashing (to sell more food), etc.

And I had heard about the *magic* of ~selling~ online.
I also heard about the ~dangers~ of selling online.

I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff, package it, market it, and hope it sells so I could make a profit (or at least break even from buying the stuff in the first place)

Nonetheless, I looked into it. I thought... If I can't make a living by ~selling~ in real-life, maybe I can hide behind the internet and be a *bit* more successful.

This was during the time of Affiliate Marketing boost. Granted, it's been around for years, but this was the time when mortal humans (aka me) could ACTUALLY take a chance on something like this- and maybe, just maybe, become a success story.

So I built a site. With my super basic Wordpress skills and SOME niche research.

I KNEW I needed some (a LOT) of guidance.

There were probably hundreds if not, thousands of courses available — talk about information OVERLOAD.

It made me insecure. Which course should I pick? What's my "safest" bet? Can I afford this risk?

After lots of research, I invested 500 dollars in a course.

And It BLEW me away. No, literally.

It blew my money away.

I was a victim of a REALLY good marketing sales campaign. I didn't think I was good enough to make it work.

But I didn't quit. I was determined to make a dollar.

So, I SOLD my favorite pair of Air Jordans, a few video games and some personal belongings to pay for the things I needed for my site. I bought Guest Posts, some Domains, and tons of content to try and sell the thing I was marketing on my Affiliate Site.

Which just so happened to be a dating advice book. I was single as a pringle too, ironic much? Definitely.

After a YEAR of work, the site made a WHOPPING $350 per month. I know, not that exciting, right?

For me, I felt like the man! Still without my Jordans though.

At about this time, things started "clicking." Someone offered to buy my site for 5K, and to me, that felt like 50K.

And instead of buying my Jordans back, I re-invested that money into more digital properties.

And thus, SERPchampion was born.

I help companies scale their SEO campaigns and generate results every day. And while it's nice to have SERPchampion as my main business, it feels better to know I'm helping other SEOs who are struggling (just like I was), and help them get their feet off the ground too.

SERPchampion is a result of years of struggle, discovery, and success.

Discovery of what?

Investing in digital properties, empowered by search engine optimization.

- Patrick Babakhanian

Founder of SERPchampion

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