Who Is SERPchampion and What Do We Stand For?

Let’s face it! 


The Internet marketing industry can be a volatile space with many pitfalls. With the overwhelm from shiny “too-good-to-be-true” products to gurus who promise you to become extremely wealthy within 30 days,

it’s all a fugazi! (It’s fake!)

That’s what I realized in my first year as an Internet marketer.

My name is Patrick Babakhanian, and I have always tried my massive best to make something out of nothing.

However, I didn’t roll into the digital marketing industry with full confidence, knowing that I was going to sell SEO services.

Five years ago, I didn’t even know what I was going to do with my boring, directionless life!

One day, I stumbled upon one of those “shiny products” that promised me the world!

That changed my life and gave me a path to pursue.

Now, it wasn’t necessarily the product that changed my life.

It was the realization of being able to make money on the Internet.

From the time I was a young, worry-free kid, I was an obsessed Internet user, but making money from my obsession sounded like music to my ears.

And guess what? I started to learn EVERYTHING about Internet Marketing.

And I failed MISERABLY at making a single buck in my first year.

However, failing shaped my career as a marketer.

It’s a part of the process. It’s needed to grow into something greater.

And I knew I was going to pull it off someday. They always say: Making the first dollar is the hardest.

Hear Hear!

My first dollar online was a website I brokered for someone. I found a site seller, and I connected him with a buyer.

And guess who made a sweet commission? Hell yea, Patrick did.

7-0-0 DOLLARS.

That felt like a million dollars to me.

And it gave me a huge confidence boost that I desperately needed. Fast forward a few years later, and I’m in the SEO services business.

Client SEO, Affiliate, link building… you name it, and we do it….successfully.

SERPchampion came to life with a specific vision.

I always wanted SERPchampion to be the opposite of “too-good-to-be-true” products and services.

SERPchampion stands for “Positioning Together.”

That means providing exceptional value to each client.

– Providing excellent, quick customer service that makes each client feel like they are the only client we have.

– Providing cutting-edge, updated SEO training to our subscribers so that they can maximize their earning potential in this fragile industry.

– Providing results-driven SEO services that will help you rank higher, generate more traffic, and eventually more sales.

At the end of the day, we want YOU to be successful! We want YOU to have a clear, laser-targeted vision of where you’re going.

Our services and training MUST bring you to a higher level.

And that’s what SERPchampion stands for. Our team is remote, highly-responsive, and we C-A-R-E about your success.

So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to our community and let’s position together like two business partners that want to prosper and provide exceptional value in the market.


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